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  1. mayo

    FM Radio

    Dear AVRFreakMan: Is correct, I cant tune any station. I will esperiment with coils. What coil define tunning frecuency? L1 o L2? If the radio is out of the comercial frecuency, How I can know if the radio is working and if the problem is only the coil? Anybody know the value of the coils (uHy - mHy) ? Thanks.
  2. mayo

    FM Radio

    Hi: Any has asembled this FM Radio with BB105 diode, I use this but dont work. Are shematic and components correct? (I hear noise but dont any radio). Thanks.
  3. dear: where I can find more info about ccf files? Thanks.
  4. Please I need Philips DSX3150/77B Digital Satellite Receiver Datasheet (shematic). I try with Philips but is a discontinued product. Thanks in advance.
  5. I want to experiment and I need diagrams of PLL based FM tranmitters (for ic: 4046 o 4076) Please send me to: [email protected] or post a link Thanks.
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