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  1. Thats "EL foil Backlight" These usually need a high voltage inverter to work
  2. first you must get a C compiler for PICs. Then you search documentation for your compiler. Most compilers have official or unofficial user forums where you can find code examples, tested libraries etc
  3. check this http://home.cc.umanitoba.ca/~umparekh/hard_drive_clock.html
  4. get a 555 running at 5khz throught a tranzistor drive it to the 12Volt winding of a normal 230V/12V transformer. On the 230V winding you'l have high voltage, enough to feel it. I AM NOT RESPONSIBLE OF ANY INJURIES YOU MIGHT HAVE.
  5. these lcds usually have a rubber conductor to communicate with the main board. In most cases this rubber does not make good contact and the lcd looses its contrast. To fix this try cleaning the rubber and contacts with clean dry cloth.
  6. Happy birthday geitona....!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :o :o ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D
  7. There is an error in the inputs. It is caller Vio (Input offset) usually it is some
  8. Simulation is always simulation and it is very difficult to get exactly the same results in theory and on the breadboard. Have you used the ideal components of the multisim library or the typical library with possible tolerance??
  9. Do you know the word availability????
  10. Google for: Ohm's Law and Kirchoff law See also: http://www.ibiblio.org/obp/electricCircuits/index.htm
  11. For good soldering: -Hot iron (but not too hot to destroy pcb tracks or component 300-350c is good) -solder with fluxed core. The other ones are headache... The solder must be 60% of Sn and 40% Pb -Practice, and more practice
  12. Ante Sorry no pictures shooted in this meeting... I didnt got my camera, i supposed mixos would bring one...
  13. Hey 20:00 is almost day. Now in greek...
  14. The current monitoring I think is better and not so difficult. You must measure the voltage drop across the led current limiting resistor. If this voltage is over a user selected maximum level, an alarm is generated. The circuit could consist of an opamp with adjustable offset
  15. I'll be there! ;) ;) Ouzou Melathron is the best. We must make a reservation for a saturday night in order to find a table. We 'll see... :o :o
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