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  1. For good soldering:
    -Hot iron (but not too hot to destroy pcb tracks or component 300-350c is good)
    -solder with fluxed core. The other ones are headache...  The solder must be 60% of Sn and 40% Pb

    -Practice, and more practice

  2. I think that breadboard is the best for prototyping, because you can change everything in a minute without desoldering anything etc. Yes you might have many wires (look like spagetti.. :P) but if you want to test something it is very useful.

    I use breadboard in all my electronics education, and keep going.

    PS Of course it is useless for final constructions and very costly

  3. No cost Lie detector:
    -Get ur multimeter, give to the person to hold the probes in each hand steady.
    -Put the multimeter to the MOhm scale (usually 2Mohm is ok ) and you will see a value.
    -If this value increases the person says the truth.
    -If this value decreases the person LIES!!!

    Basically it measures the resistence of the body. When a person lies, is stressed so the body temperature increases, so it gets more wet the resistance decreases.

  4. Go and ask your techician what is the tv cables impedance. He will propably wont know.

    Are your televisions have good reception? When they are both ON??

    Go and buy a 2-way splitter (I think its called like this my english is baaad). It has three connectors, of whitch one is input and the other two are the outputs. If you like there are 4-way for more TVs...

    If you get Sattelite dish you will need different cabling from LNB to Sattelite receiver. And I suggest you to keep the ordinary antenna.

  5. You may use a windshield pump and a sprayer like these azax bottles that are plastik.

    These sprayers usually have a metal valve in them but we dont need it because it is used only for pumping the liquid from below. Maybe it is nessesary to keep the lever pressed in order to allow fluid to be sprayed.

    You will mount the windshield pump to the pipe that usually is in the bottle.

    You can find bottles like this in supermarkets (mixo, o masoutis exei...), they are used in gardening, to spray the leaves with water... they are cheap and its nozzle is adjustable from straight line to almost mist... I use one of them to spray the boards with water after etching... it is very handy...

  6. Far back in my school days, I took 2 pieces of paper and 2 pieces of aluminioum foil (smaller than the paper) and I placed them like this:


    and I rolled them with the top alouminoum foil being inside. The paper is non conductive so it here is your paper capacitor.

    PS If you squeez the paper the capacitanse will increase so you also have a variable capacitor :P

    PS I hope you make sense of what I'm saying....

  7. How come that Sensirion is in that list? They sell expensive sensors only of which you can't order samples. Would be too nice to be true.

    Sensirion used to send samples of their temperature-humidity sensors SHT11 but only until the end of 2003. I got some of these nice chipies :P
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