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  1. No, actually I found that having a little bit of color actually helped release the paper better on the fine traces. I look for a light color background because most of my boards are 2 sided and it's difficult to align the pages when you can't make out the crosshairs against a dark background. Thin works great, haven't tried the magazine covers. What you need is a quality publication -- most catalogs are recycled paper and have a kind of grainy surface. You can tell by rubbing your thumb on a sample under water. The recycled paper will particalize differently than the better quality one. National geographic, TIME, 4 wheeler, geo world, sharper image catalog all work pretty well. Also, its best if the paper hasent been handled before use (no collecting these from dentist waiting rooms!).
  2. Good quality magazine/catalog paper is all I use. I haven't used maxim datasheets before, but I believe it should work. You look for paper that doesn't have a lot of loose recycled paper pulp content. Also, the laminator really lends itself to consistant results --I had difficulty with a hand iron.
  3. I did a webpage describing something like this a while back. Hope it might help someone. http://myweb.cableone.net/wheedal/pcb.htm
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