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  1. Thanks for your help everyone. I've called my local carbide tools dealer, he's checking pricing with the manufacturer for me. I'm getting a couple #70 and #67 bits, and one #65 and #63, hopefully they'll last me a while. Then I'll be picking up a dremel and drill press stand for it from home depot.. Hopefully I'll be able to finish the PIC programmer project that's been waiting to be drilled out for a year now. Justin
  2. So if I pick up a dremel and something like http://tinyurl.com/dzfsf ? I'll have to check some local hobby stores to see if they have the right size bits. Should I be looking for the 0.5 to 1mm range, as rigdoctor99 mentioned? Justin
  3. Hi all, Where's a good place to buy drill bits for drilling PCBs? Also, any recomendations on the best type of drill for a beginner to buy? I'm located in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, if you have any suggestions for places that are local to me, that would be wonderful. Thanks, Justin
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