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  1. I didn`t mesure the voltage from supply that i powers voltmeter this is imposible to do because this chip need a referent voltage for mesure so if you take same voltage for power supply and for measurement the IC wouldn`t have anything to compare! I can measure any voltage some stabilized power supply like this one on this forum os some other.I try to measure a voltage on stabilized power supply, on 7805, on1.5V, 9V battery and there is always same result, value is oscilating.It`s displays almost the corect value but it wont to stop to oscilate. I beleve that same of the components are damaged or they just don`t work fine! :-\
  2. Helo everyone!!!!!! I build this voltmeter a year ago!I use it for few measuements to test it and it was ok!I didn`t need it until i build a power supply!!!! So i find my voltmeter to combinate it with my power supply!But, my voltmeter don`t want to work correctly!When i put any voltage on it`s input it start to oscilate! So if i put 5 V on Led display i will se 5.09,5.04,5.00,4.98,5.05......It change value from second to second and it can`t stabilize it self. For power it i use only positive supply +5V, but this can`t be a problem because it`s work just fine with +5V a year ago. I had thought that i maybe burn the IC with static charge or wrong polarity but everything else work fine so i don`t think so. Any idea what it is wrong?????? ??? ??? ??? ??? ??? ??? ??? Sorry for bad english!!!!!
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