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  1. after removing of ebook files, the page is not visited so much and not updated messages as before...
  2. the link, is requiring authentication..
  3. Are the links working? or requiring account information?
  4. may be you can use universal downloader.. http://www.dimonius.ru/dusd.php check it..
  5. I need lawrence harte's Telecommunication books..
  6. I needs some documents(article,ebook,etc) about Microwave Radio Links. thanks in advance..
  7. I need ebook of "Newnes Guide to Radio and Communications Technology By Ian Poole " thanks in advance...
  8. I have no this book,for only informing..
  9. Electronics Handbook, Second Edition, The Jerry Whitaker ,CRC Press Contents: FUNDAMENTAL ELECTRICAL THEORY Electromagnetic Spectrum John Norgard Resonance Michael D. Ciletti Electroacoustics Eugene T. Patronis, Jr. Thermal Noise and Other Circuit Noise Barry G. Douglass Logic Concepts and Design George I. Cohn Digital Logic and Sequential Logic Circuits George I. Cohn The Physical Nature of Sound Floyd E. Toole, E. A. G. Shaw, G. A. Daigle, and M. R. Stinson Principles of Light, Vision, and Photometry Jerry C. Whitaker PROPERTIES OF MATERIALS AND COMPONENTS Circuit Fundamentals J. Choma, Jr. and S.K. Burgess Semiconductor Materials S.K. Tewksbury Thermal Properties David F.Besch Resistive Materials J.H. Mooij Magnetic Materials for Inductive Processes Martin R. Parker and William E. Webb Capacitance and Capacitors I.M. Filanovsky Properties of Materials James F. Shackelford International Standards and Constants PROPERTIES OF PASSIVE COMPONENTS Crystal Oscillators Jeffrey P. Tate and Patricia F. Mead Surface Acoustic Wave (SAW) Devices Ardie D. Walser Electromechanical Devices C. Sankaran Aural Pickup Devices Roy W. Rising Aural Reproduction Devices Michael Starling PASSIVE ELECTRICAL CIRCUIT Coaxial Transmission Lines Jerry C. Whitaker Waveguide Kenneth Demarest Passive Microwave Devices Michael B.Steer Passive Filters Cecil Harrison ELECTRON VACUUM DEVICES Electron Tube Fundamentals Clifford D. Ferris Power Grid Tubes Jerry C. Whitaker Neutralization Techniques Jerry C. Whitaker Amplifier Systems Jerry C. Whitaker Image Capture Devices Steve Epstein CRT Devices and Displays Jerry C. Whitaker Projection Systems Jerry C. Whitaker MICROWAVE VACUUM DEVICES Microwave Power Tubes Jerry C. Whitaker Klystron Robert R. Weirather Traveling Wave Tubes T.K. Ishii Other Microwave Vacuum Devices T.K. Ishii Operational Considerations for Microwave Tubes Jerry C. Whitaker SEMICONDUCTOR DEVICES AND CIRCUITS Semiconductors Sidney Soclof Bipolar Junction and Junction Field-Effect Transistors Sidney Soclof Metal-Oxide-Semiconductor Field-Effect Transistor John R. Brews Image Capture Devices Edward J. Delp Image Display Devices Jerry C. Whitaker Solid-State Amplifiers Timothy P. Hulick Operational Amplifiers Peter Aronhime Applications of Operational Amplifiers Peter Aronhime Switched-Capacitor Circuits Ezz I. El-Masry Semiconductor Failure Modes Victor Meeldijk MICROELECTRONICS Integrated Circuits Tom Chen Integrated Circuit Design Samuel O. Agbo and Eugene D. Fabricius Digital Logic Families Robert J. Feugate, Jr. Memory Devices Shih-Lien L. Lu Microprocessors James G. Cottle D/A and A/D Converters Susan A.R. Garrod Application-Specific Integrated Circuits Constantine N. Anagnostopoulos, and Paul P.K. Lee Digital Filters Jonathon A. Chambers, Sawasd Tantaratana, and Bruce W. Bomar Multichip Module Technology Paul D. Franzon Testing of Integrated Circuits Wayne Needham Integrated Circuit Packages Victor Meeldijk OPTOELECTRONICS Optical Fiber System for Telecommunications Ken Chauvin Fiber Optic Cable Ken Chauvin Optical Transmitters Charles H. Cox, III Optical Receivers P.K.L Yu Optical System Design David E. Rittenhouse POWER SUPPLIES AND REGULATION Transformers Sadrul Ula Rectifier and Filter Circuits T.S. Kalkur Voltage Regulation Melissa S. Mattmuller Switching Power Supplies Robert J. Hofinger Inverters Ashoka K.S. Bhat DC-to-DC Conversion Ashoka K.S. Bhat Power Distribution and Control Badrul H. Chowdhury Power System Protection Alternatives Jerry C. Whitaker Standby Power Systems Jerry C. Whitaker Facility Grounding Jerry C. Whitaker Batteries Isidor Buchmann PACKAGING ELECTRONIC SYSTEMS Printed Wiring Boards Ravindranath Kollipara and Vijai Tripathi Hybrid Microelectronics Technology Jerry E.Sergent Surface Mount Technology Glenn Blackwell, P.E. Shielding and EMI Considerations Don White Heat Management Zbigniew J. Staszak COMMUNICATION PRINCIPLES Intelligence Coding Leon W. Couch, II Amplitude Modulation Robert Kubichek Frequency Modulation Ken Seymour Pulse Modulation Rodger E. Ziemer Digital Modulation Rodger E. Ziemer Spread Spectrum Systems K.L. Kosbar and W.H. Tranter Digital Coding Schemes Oktay Alkin Audio Compression Techniques Fred Wylie Aural Noise Reduction Systems William Roberts and Yariv Ephraim Video Compression Techniques Gopal Lakhani ELECTROMAGNETIC RADIATION Antenna Principles Pingjuan L. Werner, Anthony J. Ferraro, and Douglas H. Werner Radio Wave Propagation Gerhard J. Straub Practical Antenna Systems Jerry C. Whitaker Combiners and Combining Networks Robert A. Surette INFORMATION RECORDING AND STORAGE Magnetic Tape David Stafford Data Storage Systems Jerry C. Whitaker Optical Storage Systems Praveen Asthana Error Correction Fabrizio Pollara Data Compression Jerome R. Breitenbach WIRED COMMUNICATIONS SYSTEMS Network Switching Concepts Tsong-Ho Wu SONET Brent Allen Facsimile Systems Rodger E. Ziemer WIRELESS COMMUNICATIONS SYSTEMS Radio Broadcasting Dutch Doelitzsch Digital Audio Broadcasting Stanley Salek and Almon H. Clegg Audio Interconnection Roy W. Rising Television and Video Production Systems Curtis J. Chan ATSC Video, Audio, and PSIP Transmission Jerry C. Whitaker Propagation Considerations for Mobile Radio Systems Michel Daoud Yacoub Cellular Radio Harry E.Young Satellite Communications Daniel F. DiFonzo RADAR AND RADIONAVIGATION Radar Principles James M. Howell Radar System Implementation Melvin L. Belcher and James A. Scheer Electronic Navigation Systems Benjamin B. Peterson Underwater Sonar Systems Sanjay K. Mehta, G. Clifford Carter, and Bernard E. McTaggart Electronic Warfare and Countermeasures Robert D. Hayes CONTROL AND INSTRUMENTATION TECHNOLOGY Measurement Techniques: Sensors and Transducers Cecil Harrison Data Acquisition Edward McConnell and Dave Jernigan Process Dynamics and Control Thomas F. Edgar and Juergen Hahn Servo Systems John E. McInroy Power Control and Switching Gibson Morris, Jr. COMPUTER SYSTEMS Fundamental Architecture Joy S. Shetler Software Design and Development Hamilton Neural Networks and Fuzzy Systems Bogdan M. Wilamowski Machine Vision David A. Kosiba and Rangachar Kasturi A Brief Survey of Speech Enhancement Yariv Ephraim Ad Hoc Networks Michel Daoud Yacoub, paulo Cardieri, Élvio Jõao Leonardo, and Álvaro Augusto Medeiros Network Communication James E. Goldman Printing Technologies and Systems John D. Meyer SIGNAL MEASUREMENT, ANALYSIS, AND TESTING Audio Frequency Distortion Mechanisms and Analysis Jerry C. Whitaker Analog Video Measurements Carl Bentz and Jerry C. Whitaker Radio Frequency Distortion Mechanisms and Analysis Samuel O. Agbo Oscilloscopes Jerry C. Whitaker Spectrum Analysis Jerry C. Whitaker Fourier Waveform Analysis Jerry C. Hamann and John W. Pierre Digital Test Instruments Jerry C. Whitaker RELIABILITY ENGINEERING Probability and Statistics Allan White and Hagbae Kim Electronic Hardware Reliability Michael Pecht and Iuliana Bordelon Software Reliability Carol Smidts A Brief Survey of Hidden Markov Processes Yariv Ephraim SAFETY Electric Shock Clifford D. Ferris Nonionizing Electromagnetic Radiation William F. Hammett PCBs and Other Hazardous Substances Jerry Whitaker Facility Grounding Practices W.E. DeWitt ENGINEERING MANAGEMENT, STANDARDIZATION, AND REGULATION Systems Engineering Concepts Gene DeSantis Concurrent Engineering Francis Long Engineering Documentation Fred Baumgartner and Terrence M. Baun Disaster Planning and Recovery Richard Rudman Conversion Factors Jerry C. Whitaker General Mathematical Tables W.F. Ames and George Cain Glossary of Terms Abbreviations and Acronyms INDEX
  10. on this link, there are a lot of book, but I can not download anyone.. http://elibs.blogspot.com/ how can we download them?
  11. is tehe anybody who downloaded these files?If yes, please upload WINDER, S. (2002). Newnes Radio and RF Engineering Pocket Book (3rd ed.) I will be glad.. thanks
  12. where can I get ebook of Elektor circuit books, 308 Circuits and 306 Circuits? thak you...
  13. has anyone the ebook of "Practical Radio Engineering and Telemetry for Industry, David Bailey" ? excellent book! thanks in advance
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