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  1. Hi to all.
    Just to notify that we got a lot of some types of RF Power
    transistors and MOSFETs to sell. Types are:
    Type Quant Price
    MRF317 500 : 32 EURO
    BLF861 190 : 108EURO
    MRF377 18 : 125EURO
    MRF372 8 : 100EURO
    BLF278 130 : 105EURO
    SD2932 75 : 77 EURO
    MRF151G 200 : 94 EURO
    Prices are without VAT 18% Please add 18% to find actual price. Companies on Eu can be excluded from VAT.
    Anyone that interests on buying from 1 or to all Lot of a part
    contact me with PM.
    Visa Cards are accepted for payment as those are from ASPiSYS LTD
    My regards

    Sotris Pdmtr
    FM & TV PLL transmitters at

    ASPiSYS Ltd.
    P.O.Box 14386
    Athens 11510
    Tel : +30 210 7719 544
    Fax : +30 210 7714 983

  2. Thanks for your replies
    However the BAT85 is not even a close replacement to BAT29. The second is a High Frequency (F=>300MHz) schottky used primary on test equipment circuits.
    Now about ElectronicPool. They are usually a bit overpriced. And they need a company quotation as they don't sell to individuals!
    About Dansmallparts. Yes I've found that but it seems that he dont want to have communication from possible buyers. There's not even an email address to contact him! And dont even thing about searching to find a Phone Number. There isn't any!!! Just a PO Box somewhere on the outer space!!! And no credit card payment accepted!!! Only way of payment is to directly send him money at the PO Box. And if something goes wrong? You'll try to find whos really behind a PO Box Number? Hah!!! That's a salesman best policy to gain your trust??? I don't think so...
    Ohh. Thanks about the datasheet!!!
    Any other option? I'll buy them even from Mars with a reliable payment method!!!
    Thanks in advance

  3. Hi to all
    We are selling some interesting parts of our stock that it might be very interesting for homebrew projects, as are hard to find and with large minimum quantities for ordering thru dealers. Those parts are stock left from "minimum orders" we've done for specific client designing projects. Take a look at http://web.otenet.gr/aspisys/parts.htm
    Keep in mind that there is a small quantity of each part and FIFO ordering regardless of quantity will be followed!
    Sotris Pdmtr

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