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  1. help please, can someone help me design a circuit for timing a brushless dc motor, that uses permanent magnets on the rotor and electromagnet for the stator. I want to use a opto interrupter that uses only small current to time it with, connected to a high voltage transistor to move the large current to pulse the electromagnet. The thing is, I will be using voltages that are from 120 volts DC to 2,000 volts DC to pulse the electromagnet, however the current will not be any higher than 100 milliamps for the pulse even at the 2000 volt range. Should I just connect the optointerrupter to a whole bunch of darlington pair transistors to get that high of a voltage rating to pulse the electromagnet with? Or is the input base voltage going to get really high with all these transistors connected? Can anyone draw a circuit for such a task? Any other suggestions? thank you ken
  2. Ante, thanks. I see a 3 step charge controller being beneficial and applicable here. Suraj, I do have homemade capacitors that hold VERY HIGH levels of energy, I will experiment designing one with less than the 30,000 - 50,000 volts it can hold now and one with more amperage capability. Thanks for the insight, Ken
  3. Hello all, ??? Does anyone have any links or insight as how to charge a regular 12 Volt deep cycle battery with energy stored in a capacitor? I mean, I know a capacitor wont let current flow unless it is hooked up to something with less current across it, so I've heard. But, how many volts of the capacitor rating is too many for the battery to handle and then make the battery become explosive? I have multiple capacitors with energy in them, how can I recharge a 12 volt battery safely (one way diodes)? What should the ratings ofthe Capacitors be? Anyone? You guys are great, thanks. ;D Ken
  4. Suraj, a multiple alternator setup was for a backup if one gave out for whatever reason. But I see your point. Ante, at this point, no control but I could regulate with a circuit of some sort I suppose. MP, thanks for the advice, makes sense. Thanks all, I appreciate it.
  5. Hi all.. AC Generator Question, Expert insight needed please.. I have a horizontal shaft with lets say, unlimited amounts of work potential (horsepower) that can be extracted from it, like a water wheel, and radiant energy source (really works).. Question , what is the best way to power my home from it as the primary power source, without a battery backup system. As I will have other horizontal shaft with backup power from other sources (day and night, regardless of weather), so no need for battery backup systems.. Lets say this horizontal work shaft turns at 2000 RPM after gearing ratio applied to it. And that I have very hi quality bearings. How about hooking up 4-5 HIGH OUTPUT voltage (110/120 Volts) alternators connected to the one horizontal shaft thru belts or gear/sprocket and then wiring the output in parallel. That could be along the lines of 110/120 VAC at a combined 500-600 Amps out at 2000RPM. To equal 6,000-7,200 Watt System, more than enough for my house. Or any other suggestions? Where do I go from there, directly to an inverter large enough to handle that kind of power? Then directly to the circuit breaker? Or, multiple inverters with one way diodes wired to the main circuit box? I have the input horsepower shaft , but not sure what would be the best way to power my home from there? Any suggestions for ease in maintenance and longevity? Thanks. Ken
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