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  1. Hello Virus, with Audioguru and others, I've looked into this noise matter even to the extent of doing several breadboard versions.
  2. GM, Virus From the 4QD website: In a practical low voltage controller the switch opens and closes at 20kHz (20 thousand times per second). This is far too fast for the poor old motor to even realise it is being switched on and off: it thinks it is being fed from a pure d.c. voltage. It is also a frequency above the audible range so any noise emitted by the motor will be inaudible. It is also slow enough that MOSFETs can easily switch at this frequency. Measure the frequency at pin 3 of your 555 without the thermistor in circuit.
  3. Well, Virus, I don't know what to say.
  4. ummm... Um I don't really think IR is the way you want to go.
  5. Hi All, I'm back, and humbly apolegetic.
  6. Hi Virus, I'm due at the golf course shortly, so don't have but a minute. Glad it's working!
  7. rr fb Virus Glad to hear your fans are working at last.
  8. My point is that Draggy apparently is using his meter wrongly in an attempt to find the "AC" that is hampering his PIC operation.
  9. Hello, Audioguru Man, I respect your longevity on this forum and your experience, but I must disagree with you on your circuit for this project, in that it does not follow proper operation procedure for the 555 timer.
  10. Thank you, audio A very excellent explanation of ripple effect and the almost universal necessity of using bypass capacitors in many circuits. Failed to answer my question, though. AllVol
  11. Just for clarification, why would one want to measure the DC voltage of a battery on the AC mode of a VOM?
  12. Hello, Virus As long as you are still breadboarding, you could go ahead with the original 555 circuit to see what happens. But before you do, make the changes to Audioguru's latest circuit, to conform to the textbook version.
  13. Okay, Virus, maybe this will clear it all up. In my attachment below, audioguru's version of the 555 as a pulse width generator is compared with the textbook version, as offered by the 555 Timer Pro program from the Schematica web site.
  14. We're talking about the original circuit, the one you called lousy.
  15. Hey Virus, Thanks. I could not get that circuit to work.... and probably never would.
  16. Hi Virus, If it is any consolation to you, I could not get the circuit to work, either.
  17. ummm.... Um, I didn't think about the security thing.
  18. um.....Um. Okay, you want a relay to act as a master switch, to control something.
  19. Hi eemaestro, Thanks for linking to the schematic.
  20. Try this circuit, Moaz Pressing switch 1 closed allows capacitor C1 to charge via the resistor R1.
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