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  1. GM, Virus

    From the 4QD website: In a practical low voltage controller the switch opens and closes at 20kHz (20 thousand times per second). This is far too fast for the poor old motor to even realise it is being switched on and off: it thinks it is being fed from a pure d.c. voltage. It is also a frequency above the audible range so any noise emitted by the motor will be inaudible. It is also slow enough that MOSFETs can easily switch at this frequency.

    Measure the frequency at pin 3 of your 555 without the thermistor in circuit.

  2. well I mearsure the 4 x 1.5V AA everday super heavy with digital multimeter:

    1. when I switch it to DCV 200 mode it show 05.8

    2. when I switch it to ACV 200 mode it show 12.2

    My point is that Draggy apparently is using his meter wrongly in an attempt to find the "AC" that is hampering his PIC operation.
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