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  1. here is the modified Schematic of the things you posted. And it is also written in the title checked by AUDIO GURU .. ;D Well i think you should join the www.electronics-diy.com community also , It is in a beta stage so it is growing.
  2. Well in my country there are no Radio cops to whom i have interferance . so no problem there. about the R5 resistor yes the other end is backwards ,well i guess i have to redaraw the schematic and PCB with your settings now lets see . ok i will use a 0.1uf because i have one . for the inductors . well they are not the actual values i have approximatied them , please see the original website and see how they are made. And for The transistors , i think i will go with BF199, MPSH10, BF240 , 2N3926 , MRF237 will do fine as all are RF Transistors. i think bf199 and bf240 are fine RF Transistors and easy to find.
  3. Here is a PCB layout and shcematic for my latest TX-500 500mW FM Transmitter i am building for my RC Remote controlled car using DTMF Signals to control it . I have not build it but this will hopefully be my 3rd transmitter project . from 40mW and 10mW to 500mW . Well hope this works . I found the schematic on www.electronics-diy.com and then redrawned it and made a PCB . Later i will make the Reciever and the DTMF Encoder and Decoder. THere is one problem the 4.7uF capacitor is i think a non polar and the 47uF is also a non polar capacitor but well i can go with a 4.7uf to be non polar but a 47uF , i don't think so or it might be bipolar. The Red connection on the PCB Layout is for a jumper that was not routed correctly . it might be connected on the bottom side using insulated copper wire.
  4. so you are saying we can invert it but the voltage will be less , i mean if we give the OPA548 60v and give it input 60v also and use inverting configration will it not produce -60 at the output
  5. actually it is you can operate it on a single supply see this application note of OPA548 http://www-s.ti.com/sc/psheets/sboa059/sboa059.pdf
  6. Well THere can be another way why not invert the voltages using TI OPA548 configured as an inverting amplifier with gain 1 , ie configured as a voltage regulator it is capable of 60V @ 3A (3000mA) , since it has inverting negative ouptut it will work .
  7. I think you are right but the problem is that is there any converter capable of Positve to negative voltage conversion having high amperage . or any other distinct method to convert positive to negative
  8. Hello Everyone , this is faizanbrohi again to discuss yet another project design . actually it is related to building a Power supply for car audio using a IC UC2577-ADJ and fits the need Perfectly for a 12V battery step up psu. Main Page : http://focus.ti.com/docs/prod/folders/print/uc2577-adj.html Datasheet : http://www-s.ti.com/sc/ds/uc2577-adj.pdf Application Note : http://www-s.ti.com/sc/psheets/slua181/slua181.pdf The application note discusses a supply for a automotive application but has less voltage specification and less current specification . The absoulute maximum rating is good for my design as i require +55V and -55V @3A or @6A so since this is a single mode supply , We can make two identical units and then joing them serialy like two voltage sources producing +55 and -55V . Sounds Really Good , But SOme Calculation is needed . The Datasheet is very comprehensive in providing the adequate information for each and every thing. THere is only theoratical Calculations THat need to be done . The Pictures For the Block Diagram are included and the Absoulte Ratings along the Note .
  9. " Are you a ghost hunter? Then this is the circuit that you've been waiting for! Since it has been observed that appearance of a ghost tends to disturb the EMF, you can now detect any such changes with this little detector." I think we are hunting ghosts with this meter
  10. HEllo again , everything is working fine , the only problem now is the brightness of the LED how to increase the brightnesss of the LED.
  11. If only Texas Instruments would have an ACTIVE status on the TAS5152 Evaluation board , it would have beeen possible for us to actually get the USer guide at least , where all the PCB Layout and gerber files are given . can i use SG3525 PWM Controller IC With this , it is also a PWM Controller
  12. i think a evaluation board is neccesary to implement this . but the problem is that i cannot buy the evaluation board in my country , one of my relatives live there in toronto but i bet they don't know the location , audioguru you also live in canada , can you check out the Texas instruments distributer in toronto and look if they have an evaluation board for the TS5152 - 5508 , because iin the texas instruments site , it only says status : PREVIEW for it . but you can buy it from the distubuter , better go check it out... thnx
  13. Here are the schematics any ideas about where is the input and ouput , because first i want to try out the 125W audio amplifier and see if it works. THe problem is that the TAS5152 side is easy to tackle and understand but i donot understand the PWM Section of where is the Input signal and how to implement it ... ??
  14. I have ordered 5 samples of TAS5152 , TI has shipped it to FedEx , it will be here on 3 august 2006 , but i think it will be delayed because of rainy weather in my country.
  15. Can you attach the suggested parts list . i have everything except the OPA series Op amps , can you suggest any other opamp.
  16. Ok i get it the peak detector is just producing fluctuating DC Voltages. so it works like a ADC , with DC Voltages ofcourse . LM3915 is nothing but a bunch of comparators. simple. here is the final Schematic , i think now there is no problem.. thnx
  17. Who says it is out of production . IT is in full production , look at the picture attached . ANd farnell also has it . But the problem is that the PWM IC LM4651 is out of production , can you tell me about the IC number of the Texas Instruments CLass D Amplifier IC. thnx
  18. So this means that the output of the preamp also goes in the peak detector circuit and the peak detector circuit powers the LM3915 IC as well as the LED's , here is the modified schematic , i want a trimpot for the sensitivity for the signal where could i implement it . And one more thing , is there a replacement for LF351 , can i use LM741 or TL071 , TL081 in place of it.
  19. I have found a way , why not use a Class D amplifier after generating a modified sine wave or a linear sine wave . We can use LM4652 and LM4651 to make a Class D amplifier. Here is a schematic for it . IF it has 125W efficiency 86% , it can be used for sine wave generation also .
  20. Hello and i am really really happy today it was raining. i enjoyed the rain very much . after all those warm and humid days , finally the weather is really good now . Well Here is a look at the LM3915 again , and now it is is using DC 12V with a half wave peak detector circuit . i am just asking if the sensitivity can be adjusted and since it can , will it work good when connecting it to the TL071 preamp . THere is one dotted line , does it need to be shorted or not??
  21. Well HEllo again , i have modified the schematics and well here is a schematic for the bass and treble control and the Aduio VU LED Meter , i want to keep the circuit as simple as possible. because i don't have enough space. So , the first circuit as you said i have used the input coupling capacitor of the preamp to the bass treble control and then back to the audio taper / power amp . The second circuit is a simple LED VU Meter because i just want to use a it after the Preamp , so is there any problem.
  22. Well Hello again Audio Guru , how r u . well i have built the power amp successfully , now i am thinking to add flavour in it and found some problems with my flavours . One is the Bass and Treble Control and the other is a Audio VU meter , i want to keep the circuit as simple as possible . here is a illustration for it , as you can see in the first diagram , i not need first opamp as i have the preamp control and i don't even need a mixer after the bass treble control because there is only one input , and my amp is mono. FOr the second circuit it is using AC , i don't have any ac input , only DC from other Power supply , can i use dc for its VCC and i also need a dual VCC - and + so i will use a ICL7660... So any suggetions ideas .
  23. How do i drive mosfets for a modified sine wave .
  24. Can this RF Power amp be used with any FM Transmitter too
  25. How about implementing Sasi's circuit with the osillator i posted above .
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