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  1. ok you are right but how much ampere should i have , a transformer of 2x38VDC @ how many amperes ??? A . what i think it would 500VA so if i multiply by power factor which i don't know , but assuming , it to be 0.5 , it is 300W that is 4A , so the transformer should be rated at 2x38VDC @ 4A , or else .. what do you suggest ???
  2. But i can produce a DC 55 and -55 from the transformer that i have because it has reserver power of 4A , and 8A is the total , the circuit uses 4A @ 2 x 38 , and i have 2x28 V but 8A . so the voltage can be tackeled , because it is a multiple V=IR
  3. The power supply suggests a toriodal transformer of 2x38V = 76V total . and a power 500VA , but i have a transformer of 2 x 28V with a current of 8A . now calculating the current required , Watt = power factor x VA = .5(typical) x 500 , so i get 300W and divide by 76V , i get 3.94A , which is the current it needs , right , and there is also a fuse of 4A . and a bridge of 35A / 250V ???? ??? , one more thing will m 2 x 28V transformer rated at 8A , work with the M250 power supply , does it fullfill the needs .
  4. hmm , now let me give you another amplfier . to play with . i have a good felling that these parts can be found. How is this amplfier
  5. But there is one problem , the transistors used cannot be found easily , can u suggest a replacement , for them like the MPSA and the MJL series transistors
  6. :P Hmm if we add a darlington current amplifier at the end of the 1st amplfier , it will increase current , wouldn't it . so this can increase overall power and if we increase the voltage up to say 50V or 60V plus and minus both. What do you think :o
  7. If we increase the input voltage upto +-40V on the first amplifier i posted , will it then effect the power output. if not is there any way to increase the power to 100W per channel or 60W per channel . ???
  8. So what is the final verdict , which one should i make for my project , the commercial amplfier that i showed you first which has easy to find components , or the other which has high power , but have just found it on the internet . One more thing , will the power increase , if i replace the 2N3055 with MJ15023 or MJ15022 in my first amplfier .
  9. Can you tell me which class of amplfier is it . Class B or AB or not likely A
  10. The three test points are the output with first being the square wave , and then the triangle and finally the sine wave.
  11. This is the complete schematic for a function generator using 741 opamp . VALUE SHAPE # REFDES 1.00kOhm_1% RES12 1 R4 4.02kOhm_1% R0204R7_5 1 R5 4.99kOhm_1% R0204R7_5 1 R1 20K_LIN TRIPOT10X5V 2 R2,R6 24.9kOhm_1% R0204R7_5 1 R7 33nF KERKO6X5R5 1 C2 68nF KERKO6X5R5 1 C1 402Ohm_1% R0204R7_5 1 R3 Op-Amp_741 DIP8 3 U1,U2,U3 The PCB is messed up , so just follow the schematic
  12. Hey why not build your own toriodal transfer , i think it should be easy. anyone knows how to make a toriodal transformer
  13. So kindly loook in the Thread regarding Stereo Power amp 2x 40W = 80W , please and help on the schematic
  14. Audio Guru Please i need your help in the Stereo power amp 2x40W = 80W the topic i have started . i have done the PCB and its layout , a schematic from the PCB layout can be really appreciated , please , thanks ::)
  15. So here is the PCB layout and PCB silkscreen for PCB toner transfer the image is mirrored . AUdio guru please i require your help with the schematic . and one more thing , there are two channels , can you draw it for one channel seperately.
  16. Cascaded can be done in a transistorized circuit
  17. So making a transistorized Class D amplifier can be a good choice , the one i showed you
  18. Actually the op amp version is a little messed up around its PCB , so i will correct and send it , while the XR2206 is a better choice , so here it is .
  19. So can we make multiple cascaded Class D amplfier IC you suggested and make it upto 1000W or the Class D amplfier i gave , can we ???
  20. The IC XR2206 By Exar is a very neat IC and can produce generate sine , square , sawtooth , pulse and triangle waves , up to 1Mhz And above . It can also Modulate FM and AM signals. you can use it's datasheet , to find the circuit diagrams . it's fairly simple to tackle with the frequency and the values. read the datasheet and you will find it. well luckily i have made a op amp version of the function generator using 741 op amp . it's maximum frequency was 0 to 1Khz i guess. i have its PCB layout and schematic , if you want it , and i have the XR2206 IC PCB layout also. The schematic for the op amp function generator is given.
  21. I found a commercial audio power amplfier and i have just finished it's PCB mapping . although some parts need a little image enhancement. because some connection were broken when i mapped the PCB. When i am finished i will place the corrected PCB , and details, also the preamplfier module. so here is a little not so god , under improvement , reverse engineered PCB layout
  22. and how powerful they should be to withstand 220V ac at the output and a power of 500W
  23. Can you suggest a circuit for the waveshaper , that you were saying using the RC filters
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