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  1. how ever 2n3055 will be placed on the heatsink
  2. Can i use 2n3055 in place of 2n2219 , it is also a power transistor
  3. ok then i am preparing to add something else , temprature meter , fan , and a Power meter that shows the actual wattage, for power measurment i will be using a ADC to measure voltage and current and then when it is binary form , digitaly multiply them using logic gates , and then convert the binary power output to 7 segment using a BCD to 7 segment decoder . how is the idea ..
  4. The PCB artwork and layout , sorry for too many jumpers. but the thing is this panel meter was for something else then measuring voltage , i am actually calculating length from it . i will post the full project when it is complete
  5. Okay this is not a theory discusssion , i have built the ICL7107 voltmeter and is working great , form www.electronics-diy.com , here is the PCB layout and silkscreen. the lines are jumpers These are the componenets list VALUE SHAPE # REFDES 1.0MOhm_5% R0204R7_5 1 R6 1N4148 DIO_DO35 3 D1,D2,D3 10K_LIN TRIPOT10X5V 1 R2 10kOhm_5% R0204R7_5 1 R5 10nF MKHCON4A 1 C7 10uF-POL ELKO10R5 2 C1,C2 15kOhm_5% R0204R7_5 1 R3 47kOhm_5% R0204R7_5 1 R4 100kOhm_5% R0204R7_5 1 R1 100nF MKHCON4A 1 C4 100pF KERKO5X4R5 1 C3 220nF MKHCON4A 1 C6 470nF MKHCON4A 1 C5 DIPSW4 DIPSW4H 1 JSW1 ICL7107 DIP40S 1 U1 ICL7660 DIP8 1 U2 JUMPER JUMPER 20 J1,J2,J3,J4,J5,J6,J7,J8,J9,J10,J11,J12,J13,J14,J15,J16,J17,J18,J19,J20 SEVEN_SEG_DECIMAL_COM_A 7SEG8DIP14B 4 U3,U4,U5,U6 TEST_PT1 PB 4 GND,INneg,INpos,VCC ICL7107.rar
  6. I have a Transformer capable of delevering 8A @ 2 x 28V . and one more thing , i could not found P600B , can i use a simple 1000V @ 6A diodes that i can find , i don't have the exact number , but i will if i buy it
  7. I mean to say the output from the transformer that is square wave. and it is shaped to sine wave
  8. Cannot we shape the wave of a square wave output to sine wave
  9. hmm i think probably it would be nice to use a bigger 12V battery and use a DC-DC Converter
  10. please take a look at the link i posted above , i think it is a simple and effective design. but i can't find how much power it is delivering
  11. Since Class D Ampilifiers are cold amps or have 100% theoratical efficiency with upto 94% practical efficiency . it is very much suitable for a sine wave inverter design , however i was able to look up a site which is open source class D Amplfier Site http://hem.passagen.se/johanps/index.htm Please take a look
  12. Please post all yor comments regarding a sine wave inverter here. a Class D amplifier schematic would be fruitfull
  13. Good I have a 4 ohms speaker , so it will deliver 140W RMS??
  14. Well i have all the transistors , diode and i felt lucky in getting the exact Darlington pair both are from texas instruments and are BDW84D and BDW83D respectively so now how will it behave , how much watt ???
  15. Hello Can i use the Eagle Version of this voltmeter is it ok to build
  16. see there is no heatsink here available with respect to datasheet. i have heatsink of a processor and one of some other device , by the way LM301 plastic or LM101A metal op amp can also be used instead of LM741.
  17. ok you have a valid point , i will send some pics of my heat sink , so you can judge on that
  18. Why not use 2N2219 , why use TIP31A instead
  19. Man why do they hack , what is the benefit
  20. the 3A Diodes will heat , ok but will they overheat and burdown , i don't think so . ....
  21. By the way what is a trimmer potentiometer m is it a pot which can be mounted on a PCB . or something else , because i could not find it . instead i have a regular screwdriver resistor PCB mount.
  22. I am still suspecting if i can find TIP31A
  23. By the way i have the 1N5408 instead of 5403 / 2 / 4 , it is a 3A Diode , and i got the TL081 , that i was suspecting , that i could not get
  24. Actually i live in pakistan , and it is so hot out here , and about 40 degress , pure sun on your head . although the sho is nearby but the roads are always jammed and the traffic is like nonsense . and the local busses are full . it is cruel out here . and i don't have enough budget now also , so can i work around with these components as well . Please pray for the weather , it's hell out there.
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