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  1. Hey Everyone... Does anyone know where I could find a manual for a Hitachi Oscilloscope mod# V1050???
  2. Many Thanks John... I came across a bunch of these...(TL072S)s, Made by Raytheon. I was going to chuck them because I couldnt find ANY DATA on the 9 pin SIP version...Once again I thank you for finding the needle in the haystack...The (TL072S)s thank you for saving them from the round file... ;D ;D ;D, mike
  3. ;D Hey Thanks John... I will try the pinout for the 1529(nte). I could not get a cross with this number, but I will give it a try... and let you (everyone ) know if it works...By the way Guru the IC is made by Raytheon. I have a stack of data sheets for the usual tl072, but not a mention of a nine pin sip...The closest that I can figure is the nte1529...I hope this works ???
  4. Does anyone know the pinout for a TL072, 9 pin SIP, DUAL OP AMPs JFET OP AMPs ??? ??? ???
  5. Hey everyone... Does anybody know the pinout...have a datasheet for the following IC... 1754-3 RCA H 542 Thx, mike
  6. Many Many THANKS SM2GXN... I love my new computer, except for the fact that NTE Cross Ref is NOT MAC compatable... Thanks again, mike
  7. Hey Everyone... Well I got tired of my crappy HP Tower and finally broke down and bought the new MAC Mini...Man this sucker is the size of a car stereo and way out performs the HP...I only have one problem...NTE Cross reference download doesnt work with MAC ??? They are sending me a disc...but in the meantime can anyone give me the NTE #s for the following... BD139: MJ11016: MJ11015: BC546: BC556: BC559: BC549: BD139: BD140: TIP35C: and TIP36C... Hopefully my disc arrives soon...AND MANY THANKS TO EVERYONE...
  8. If you raise the frequency...It will better penetrate(jump)
  9. Hey Staigen, What a fast response...Yeah I have two manuals neither have any reference to the developmental tubes...I am sure there is a common(or more common )replacement...but nobody knows anything about these...I guess they werent actually released to the public and therefore no data was ever released...I figured you would know...They are really small, about the size of those little Xmas tree lights with long solder type leads like TO-5 transistors..Unfortunately they are so small I cannot make out where the internal connections are...otherwise I could figure out the pinout which is what I really want! 8) Thanx for the FAST response, mike
  10. Hey everyone... Does anyone have or know where to get information on Sylvania Developmental Vacuum Tubes...SD-XXX #s...I Really Really Need these pinouts, or equivalent tube #'s... :'( :'( :'( ??? Thx, mike
  11. Hey thanks Guru, I found a data sheet early this AM, This is pretty much the same as a 1458...Dual op amp...(same pinout) mike
  12. Hey all, I am looking for the pinout and or datasheet for the following 8 pin dip: 5532D JRC 7238B
  13. OK everyone here is what I have found so far...these are subminiature Sylvania Developmental Tubes...The SD-834 directly crosses with a 6k4...the 804A is a triode, and the 806C is a pentode...Still looking for a pinout on the latter two, any help? Thanks, mike
  14. Hey all, Many thx to hot water... Can anybody identify the following (3) Tubes(if they even are tubes...They are small,like a nuvistor, but they are Glass with multiple leads...I cannot find the p#s on any Vac. tube site??? ??? The #s are as follows... Sylvania SD-804A SD-806C SD-834 Many thx, mike What a great forum! ;D
  15. I think its .8 A, and that probably isnt acurate either...NOW AUDIO YOU SAY THIS CIRCUIT PRODUCES NO OUTPUT :( well then build it and then test the output on yourself...IT PRODUCES ONE HELL OF A "NO OUTPUT" :P
  16. OK here goes with the attachment...hope this works...This circuit uses the common 555 timer as an Astable multivibrator, which drives the TIP transistor which in turn supplies pulses to the transformer. The transformer can be almost any small step down...say 120V/220V to 12V, 6v etc. Connected BACKWARDS,Please notice that using the diodes shown, this circuit will survive slightly longer than your "victim. :'( Seriously though, even with the wimpiest componants, this circuit WILL KNOCK YOUR D!(* INTO THE DIRT. THIS MAKES THE FLASH CIRCUIT IN A DISP. CAMERA SEEM LIKE FOREPLAY... :P mike
  17. Ooops...here is the site...For some reason it wont post...Go to: www.freeinfosociety.com then type in Weaponry, you will get a list of dangerous projects including a stun glove... By the way, since this is a "school" project can I ask you a question? When you go to recess, does a guard escort you to "the yard" ;D
  18. Hey Mixos, Thanks...Gonna build this! :P 8) :D
  19. There is currently a guy selling HI V caps from Bulgaria...on E-bay...They are pretty cheap, but the postage isn't...Also I dislike Amazing1...they are like the biggest ripoff artists going. mike
  20. Hey Ante, Hmmm I tried it twice and had no prob...maybe tomorrow I will import it and convert it to a pdf file...Currently you need Micro Word to open it...Do you get an error message? GOT WORD? Mike PS How many posts do I need to lose the newbie title??? :'(
  21. Hmmm, a$ 50.00 belt buckle. It is cool though, I wonder if I could put it on a hat ??? mike
  22. Hey John, this sounds like a KEWELL ONE...I cannot seem to open this page though... :'( mike
  23. Congrads Dick!!! You found the #1 RIPOFF Site going...anything on this site can be found elsewhere on the net FOR FREE!!! :-\
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