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  1. I agree that comunicating from a micro controller to Pc via USB can be a daunting task, I had a project a few years ago were i had to communicate to the PC via USB and opted for the easy way out. An USB to RS232 Converter, this gives you USB connectivity and up to about a 1Mb/s transfer rate posability, with the ease of using the old well known RS232 protocall. Loads of information can be found on all tipes of port interfacing on the following website: http://www.beyondlogic.org/

  2. probably one of the most powerfull circuit drawing software pacages out there today is PCAD. Which is actially produced by the same company that produces circuit maker.
    It has got only one majour drawback according to me and that is it's cost. This is a marvel of a program, probabily the most usefull capabilitie of the program is if you select a component in you scematic and you jump to your PCB display page the component is also selected and vice versa. 

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