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  1. Yes I know, most people using 1024x768, but standard resolution for web page is still 800x600. Doesn't matter, I shall buy better PC. :)
  2. This site is quite good, but resolution is bad, because my old PC working only in 800x600... :( Good luck for next work
  3. For safetly running I recomend add 2 universal Si-diode, e.g. 1N4007. 1. add diode to output - anode to GNG and cathode to +V 2. add diode like bridge over LM317 - anode to Vout and cathode to Vin If You want using this power supply with minimum outgoing current (e.g. LCD-panel) You must add some loading, e.g. serial LED with resistor to output (You will got signaling power on ;)). Otherwise this power supply will be very unstable (LM317 need min. 5mA load). Project Link: http://www.electronics-lab.com/projects/power/010/index.html
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