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  1. AHhhh!!! ok now i know. It is only a mylar capacitor not any of the specials. thank you audioguru!
  2. hi, can you give me the complete datasheet so I could look for any details that would help me out in this data you've given? Ren...
  3. hi audioguru, it seems that Rhon is not around because i've sent an email to him two weeks ago but until now he don't have any reply. :( Any I want to ask about the 500W inverter. What is a METALIZED FILM CAPACITOR is it also called the TANTALUM capacitor? Thank's Ren :)
  4. Hi Mp, From the sine-wave schematic, I just want to ask what is the Value of the TWO MOSFET? I thuoght that I have read it correctly but when I print and review it the printout is difficult to read. Can you also give a circuit or an IC that would replace the MM5369? Thank's :) :) Ren
  5. Hi Mp and Ante, Ok thanks anyway. I have another qeustion. Have you build this iverter? What are the troubles did you encounter? From the circuit, what is the pin number of the IC MM5369 fed to IC 4030? That's all thanks!!! I hope you don't get anoyed from all of my query... ;) ;) Ren.
  6. Hi Mp, Thank for the circuit. I just want to ask. How much power can the sine_wave_inverter-1 could it give? Another thing, could you give me the complete part list of this inverter because I had problem reading on the schematic some are difficult for me to read. Thank's a lot.
  7. Hi MP, Can get a favor from you? Can you give me a circuit of a power inverter with a sine-wave output or a modified one will do. thanks... Ren
  8. hi, May i suggest about the 500W inverter! Since the IC CD4047 used to generate an oscillation of squarewave. can we use the function generator IC, the 8081 IC discuss in the book of Boylestad and Nashesky. The book is entitled "Electronic Devices and Circuit Thoery" It's output has has three different wave. one of those is a sine wave. Can we use the sine wave output of the IC? How's that does it make sense? ;) Ren.
  9. hi Mp, I know that the inverter has an output of a Square - Wave that's why I'm asking if it is applicable to TV's. Thanks for the reply ;) Thank you audioguru ;D ;D ;D I wil e-mail ronnie. Thank's a lot. ;) ;)
  10. hi, Im Ren from the philippines I just want to ask if the 500 watts power inverter is really working? and if so is it applicable to Television sets? Becuase I want also to build the power inverter if you wuold mine. Pls. give an assurance that the inverter will work? Thanks a lot :).......
  11. Hi, Im warren of Philippines. I just want to know about the 500W power inverter, if it is applicable to television set, does it work on that appliance. I want to build the project but im in doubt if it will work on TV's. thanks. just give an assurance that it will work. :)
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