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  1. I started an electronics website a few months ago. I wanted to create a clean looking and easy to use site that has no advertising, and I think I'm on the right track. http://ohmfree.com allows anyone to submit links and articles, and the best ones make it to the front page. Currently most articles are written by myself, but due to my lack of experience I was hoping I'd get some guest writers. The topics (and articles) I have so far are: Audio (0/0) Components (16/0) Computers (3/0) Consumer Electronics (3/0) Cool Stuff (12/0) DIY (Do it yourself) (2/0) General News (6/0) History (7/0) Other (4/0) Projects (1/0) Robotics (3/0) Schematics (1/0) Suppliers (2/0) Site News (4/0) Terminology (7/0) Tools (3/0) Tutorials (3/0) Let me know what you think I should improve on! Thanks!
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