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  1. Dear HC! if you need a very good and perfect software at industrial skales you can try Orcad Layout or ProtelDXP.the first has got microsift first prize for computer board PCBs.and the second one is a little more complicated but has the advantage of providing FPGA works. Both softwares are very famous and reliable.It is easier to work with eagle but it has limited abilities.
  2. hi. I think you can use MAXPLUS to simulate FPGA
  3. Dear Shahriar! As u know MCUs like AVR can work in frequencies about 16 or 20 MHz but FPGa can work in very high frequencies.i'm just working on an oscilloscope project in university of GILAN.and i found out that for this case FPGA is a better choise than MCU. If u get any information plz tell me about it.my mail:[email protected]
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