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  1. Actually a friend of mine saved them from a copier machine. And i was looking for datasheet of any similar products wich could help me on electrical caracteristics. Or any circuit containing them so i might use them in mine.
  2. Does anyone have any datasheet about these photosensors. Or any info on how they are used in microcontroller projects?
  3. So audioguru what changes do you sugest me?
  4. Ok Tahnk you guys i'm clear about the power supply. Now one thing i need some help is the 4066. Is it ok the way it is arranged. What do you tell me about the code? Will it work? Can anybody help with the .hex. Does anybody know any free compiler in PicBasic. gogo2520 you're right about getting addicting. I live in Albania and hardly found the Pic. Also decided to change the subject. Just to clarify any of you. One last thing is anybody who lives in Albania? Just to help each other.
  5. Thank you gogo2520 Just to clarify a few things. I can get the three batteries+leds for thirty cent each in an assembled package. They are inside some lighters. Thats why i planned to make it that way. I found the code in a book and it is in PicBasic. Not very keen on asm. Any other idea or advice?
  6. I'm new to electronics and i'm trying to experiment on my new project. Here's what i am trying to do: I want to turn on leds one by one using a PIC16F84A programed by the following program: 'Binary progression counting 'Initialize variables Symbol TRISB=134 'Assign TRISB port to 134 Symbol TRISB= 6 'Asing the variable portB the decimal value 6 'Initialize Port(s) Poke TRISB, 0 'Set port B pins to output loop: B0= 1 'Set variable to 1 to start B1= 0 'Set variable to 0 Poke PortB, B0 'Place B0 value at port to light leds Pause 250 For B2= 0 to 6 B1= B0 * 2 'Calculate next binary progressiv number B0 = B1 'Set B0 to new value Poke PortB, B0 'Place new value at port to light leds Pouse 250 Next B2 'Next loop value Goto loop I have decided to use 3 button cells (Bat2-bat9) for every led each 1.5V. I guess leds will shine forever. Since this is my first project i'd like some advices. What if switched the 4066 with a 4016? Will it work???? http://www.geocities.com/micogjergji/74HCT4066.pdf http://www.geocities.com/micogjergji/mmc4016.pdf http://www.geocities.com/micogjergji/shume.tif
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