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  1. SO what should be done to improve the circuiitry ? I mean adding Choke is not possible practicvally ? I need to improve the circuit so that it doesn't burn in UPS . PLease reply
  2. I am sorry . I forgot to attach the picture . It's attached now . Kindly help .Thanks
  3. Hello , I require your little favor for my Fan Dimmer( Fan Speed Controller) Circuitry . Well i have also attached an image of circuitry in which u can clearly see Transistor ( PN BT134 600D 0701) , Diode (C 502 ) , Capacitor ( 2E104K ) , Resistor color code ( Brown,Red, Orange,Golden ) & Potentiometer . Now the problem i am facing is that Fan dimmer works fine for normal electricity . But whenever i operate that on UPS or on generator, it burns . Please suggest me what should i do to make this circuit more effective in terms of it's operation in UPS & in generator . Your help in this regard would be highly appreciated. Thank you !
  4. hi genius guys how ru well plz plz help me i need ur urgent i know how to convert TTL to ECL and ECL to TTL but i want to ask u guys how to convert TTL to CMOS and CMOS to TTL & ECL to CMOS and CMOS to ECl i have attached diagram of converting a TTL to Ecl so that u have an idea plz help me. --- Bless you guys
  5. hello genius guys i want to make FLAME DETECTOR or SMOKE detector ckt plz can anybody help me and tell me the ckt diagram of FLAME/Smoke detector
  6. hello genius guys how r u well i need ur urgent help i am making an industrial safety system in which i have included temperature sensor ,fluid level detector ,motion detector ,smoke detector ,digital lock. Now i want to make one last thing VOICE MATCHING CIRCUITRY I want that i give my voice through mic that voice's electric signal is stored in microcontroller .now if another persons try to enter industry His voice will be matached with the voice installed in Microcontroller .If both voices are matched then the door opens plz tell how can i do this i know the basics of 8051 programming plz plz tell me the programming which is done in 8051
  7. genious guys i really need ur help well i am making temperature sensor .well output of my TEMPERATURE SENSOR IS for e.g o.28 vlots for 28 degree ,0.29 vlots for 29 degree centigrade. i want to display this o.28 volts as 28 on 7 segment display. how can i do this IN SHORT "I WNAT TO DISPLAY 0.28 as 28 on seven segment & .29 as 29 " plz help me second tell me any working circuitry of SIMPLE METAL DETECTOR i tried many but no body works plz plz plz help me
  8. Can u explain it in more detail HOTWATER WIZARD plz it's matter of my friend life
  9. Is there any sensor which can detect the blood sugar level without pricking. Or can we make that sensor plz plz do reply
  10. well i want to ask very basic question . I am designing a DIGITAL LOCK for security system.The problem is that which KEYPAD i SHOULD USE and WHETHER KEYPAD CONVERTS OUR DECIMAL DATA DIRECTLY TO BINARY FORM OR WE HAVE TO USE ANY CONVERTER IC. PLZ TELL THE NAME OF THAT IC . Thz in advance plz plz reply
  11. hello can u guys tell me the name of ic which converts BINARY to XSCESS-3 code for eg i give input in binary and output in XS-3 plz help
  12. hello genius guys well now i am making a XCESS-3 calculator .the only problem i am facing is HOW TO DRIVE SEVEN SEGMENT DISPLAY i am using 7447 seven segment display ic.How this ic can be used. how i connect my output from calculator (Binary form) to this 7447 ic. plz reply soon thz in advance
  13. Hello genius guys, i am sure u guys will be fine welll i have one question " i am making a Xcess-3 Calculator .I have to give input in DECIMAL then it will be converted into Binary then it will be converted into XS-3 then calculation will be done and finally output in XS-3 and then converted into DECIMAL . Plz tell me how this DECIMAL input can be given .rest of circuitry is fine .for ADDITION (+) and SUBTRACTION(-) i have used switches plz tell me how this DECIMAL INPUT can be given TEll me circuit diagram ,NAME OF IC or keypad thz in advance u people r really genius u can help me thz
  14. mohdfasieh


    hello genius guys, can u people tell me the solution of differential equation
  15. i know the logic how to operate the LEDS but as i am a beginner in the field of electronics so i want to ask that i want to give for example 0 1 logic for RED LED and 0 0 logic for green led .So how can i give this input logic to decoder .0 0 or 0 1 or 1 0 or 1 1. how this binary input can be given .Plz explain this plz reply to my address [email protected]
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