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  1. ya I exploded my first one of my fm reciever when I connected it to a 1.5 Amp 19 V Supply!!!! I was sleeping and in mid night it exploaded and freaked me out like hell......
  2. Every one might have blown a electrilytic capacitor. Can't we make a gun out of it. Visualise this... ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- CAUTION! All characters in this script are fictional. Resemblence with any person living or dead is purely coincidential. And the writer (I) is not responsible for any injuries that occur!!! Dexter an ordinary boy is tortured by a big bully every day.... One dark stormy night while sleeping he woken up by a sudden crash. His dog, "Crash" crashed into something. Woken and disturbed crawles out of bed to see what has happened. He opens the door and the view totaly freezez him. His dog has broken his father's jar of electrolytic capacitors. The dog is his responsibility so whatever he does dexter will be responsible ..... There he sees a 9V battery lying there. Playfully just connects on eof the capacitor to it... BANG there goes the cap...... "Hey wait that gives me an idea" said Dexter.. Spending hold Night doing something with his own "Welding for kids Kit". Next Sunny morning.... Tom the Bully sees dexter coming out of his school bus..... fear in the eyes of students as they pass..... but wait What's with dexter.... No fear..... So the Bull Tom rages towards him. Leaps over im to bury him in the dirt.,, But is stopped in mid air..... He sees dexter holding a what... Beretta 418.... This can't be will it be the end of his life.... Dexter reaches for his pocket and takes out a 2 9v batteries!!!!! Inserting it at the rear of the gun points at Tom, his finger twitching presses the trigger.... A flash and a black thing with two electrodes fall besides dexter and Hit in the chest... Tom feels intense pain, pressing his chest as if a bullet has ripped it apart.. feels the bullet ..... takes it out to see it before he blurs out.... A blue bullet what is this... shit..... rotates It and is hit hard..... He has been hit by a.... by a..... ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- So what do you say guys.... Is it possible..... Shantanu PS: Sorry for that long story.... Hope you enjoy it......
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