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  1. ive dun exactly wat has been said in the explanation...the circuit ground bein??? jus wanna clarify
  2. hi audioguru, thanks a million for the explanation you ve given me... thats exactly wat ive wanted to know. i have finished building the circuit but den wenever i try to check da working it gives me a shock...wat cud be da problem??? and is dere ne alternative to dat?
  3. hey audioguru, if the first transistor rectifies the mains supply and den charges the first capacitor den wat is the role that the three diodes have??? once our finger touches the sensor element the mains supply is capacitively coupled to the transistor q1 which i have understood perfectly well ... and den the capacitor c1 starts charging... as u said da the second transistor is also a emitter follower and hence it is used as a current amplifier... dat is connected to the third transistor which has two diodes connected to it... i would be grateful if u cud explain da operation after that
  4. hey audioguru, thanks alot for the explanation uve given. but then there's another thing thats been bothering me... how does the proximity of the object to the sensor trigger the relay??? what significance does da darlington have in this aspect? thanks alot for the trouble uve taken ... i really appreciate it. my knowledge in this is as u can see very low... i'd like to learn how exactly does each component make a diff...id be more dan grateful if u cud do this for me. tc hope to hear from u soon
  5. heyyy , thanks a million guys esp for the www.digikey.com ... Was precisely wat i was looking for. thnks again tc
  6. The operation of the super darlington pair that enables it to drive the relay is what that baffles me... thats precisely what id like to know ... the operation of that part of the circuit...
  7. hi audioguru, http://www.electronics-lab.com/projects/sensors/013/index.html, this is the link to the project site.
  8. hi audioguru, thanks a million for the link u sent me altho it doesnt use capacitance as its main component, which is wat i require now . I totally forgot to mention the link and it is www.electronics-lab.com where i got the schematic but insufficient working... if i am not pesterin you could you please try and find out and tell me.ill be more than grateful. thanks alot again prasad
  9. COULD any 1 please send me data sheetS for BC 337 , electrolytic capacitor ,ceramic or polyester capacitor,and 1n4002 diode,
  10. hello everyone, i looked up this site for a project in my curriculum and came across the capacitive touch sensor, although i did get a clear schematic i need sufficent explanation about the working of the circuit. i would be highly grateful if any one will be willing to help me this matter. i really need this... please help. thank you
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