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  1. thanks napos i successfully did it ;) but i still wonder if there is any solution for 2. problem ???
  2. thanks napos it worked ;D but 2. problem is still alive... Mr. MP, the program is full and professional but i knew the dragging technique you mentioned and it is not easy cuz i have exact dimensions(in cm) i wonder if there is a dialogue window in eagle to type the size of the board directly...
  3. this is my 1. problem: as seen in the picture, pin 4(ground) and pin 8(+vcc) are absent on LM358 in eagle schematic editor... so after switching the board mode there are no connections on these pins... how can i solve this problem? and this is my 2. problem: how can i change the size of board in eagle board editor? is there anywhere in menus to write desired dimensions in cm? sorry but this is the new problem: i used smd pad(SMD5) in the circuit but i won't used any smds, this is only for connection to another board... after autorouting attempt this message appeared 16 times(because there is 16 smd pads on the board) after messages and autorouting calculation there were no connection on smd pads :-\ how can i handle this? what is wrong?
  4. in schematic there is no connection point on pin 30...(no dot) by the way for 0-20 v range it is said "R3-->0 ohm" ,0 ohm means shortcircuit and if we shortcircuit pin 30 and pin 31 we will read always "0000" i think... according to the 7107 datasheet (Low Cost Digital Panel Meter Designs and Complete Instructions for LCD and LED Kits--->AN023) there must be no connection btw pins 30 & 32...this connection is for LCD display design... i also tried it and with this connection displays show always overrange (1___) but i should say i had grounded pin 26 (-5v) because i dont need negative voltages (it is not possible for my circuit to get any "-" voltage because of my other circuit's output) as a result, in usual 7107 datasheet for both LCD and LED display circuits there is a connection btw pins 30 & 32 but in the application note of 7107 (AN023) there is no connection btw them on LED display circuit...
  5. i think in this schematic there is a problem... several times i tried to build this circuit as mentioned but always there is a stable value on displays and i realized the fault situation(that's my idea :-\) we apply the + voltage on pin "1" but there is always a stable voltage on this pin through R3 resistor(i need 0-2V range and as mentioned i shortcircuited 32-31. pins), that's why i've read always a constant value... i wonder if this constant value comes from supply voltage +5v and follows R2,P1 and R3... i think the only way for range adjustment is using voltage divider before input... i think R3 resistor is unnecessary... is there anyone to explain this situation?
  6. is there anyone tested this circuit with a frequecny-voltage converter LM2917?
  7. it's hard to find a direct link to download matlab... so use a file-sharing program(e-mule,dc++)... you can easily find a zipped setup or .img file to burn...
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