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  1. ??? I am not the engineer... only the thinktank guy. I have been asked to demonstrate EMP in a 10th grade classroom for my Niece. I have a spool of magnetic wire (8 Ohms if I use the whole spool for the coil). I have a 2.0 Farad, Pyramid (car audio) capacitor. Now I need to know how to hook the whole thing up to be able to 'pulse' a magnetic field and use various meters and such to demonstrate this. It's a bit out of my area and our Gurus at the lab are all out until next month. I've got to do the lecture/demonstration next week. HELP! ???
  2. I am new here, so please forgive me and just tell me if I am in the wrong place for this. It's been too many years since I've had to design a circuit in my head using capacitors. lol WAY too many years. I am working on a project to pulse a magnetic field for a demonstration on electomagnetics. I've got a coil... I've got a Pyramid 2.0 Farad, digital capacitor. I need some help in how to charge and discharge this thing into the coil. The outcome needs to generate a measurable magnetic field for the purpose of this demonstration. Can anyone assist me with this? I've been working in the thinktank end of a lab (loosly associated with LLNL) for almost 13 years. This project is for my Nieces 10th grade class in school, where she asked me to speak on EMF and EMP. Speaking on it isn't a problem... designing a circuit to demonstrate it is eluding me. I've looked in my laptop, in my books and in all sorts of databases we've got and can't find a clue regarding what I know is such a basic circuit. Bottom line, I want to charge the capacitor... and then (at my command) via a button or whatever, discharge it into the coil. I could also use some formulae that will give me an idea of the amount of windings I'm going to need to not damage the capacitor. These darn things are expensive... I like purchasing components on the Lab's money more than my own, but we didn't have a small capacitor laying around. I'll check back soon, anyone with an answer can also email me at: [email protected] Thanks, Todd
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