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  1. I thought this might come in handy for those of us who can't afford a testcard generator You will see the link to download half the way down the page http://www.orbitalzone.com/testcard.htm and do the guy a favour click on a couple of googles for him it won't cost you a bean thanks for looking hope you find it usefull
  2. http://www.discountcopiers.co.uk/canon%20error%20codes.htm the above site says fuser fault
  3. Hi ante yep exactly like that and this is very strange. I am at a loss of what the problem is Dave
  4. Hi Ante It seems a bit of a strange one. One thing you could try is highlighting all the text to see if the missing text is there Dave
  5. Hi Ante I use both IE and Firefox and it works ok on both of them Is this the only link that has not shown up on your browser or is there other instances or have you got "link colour" the same as the background colour in your browser options Dave
  6. Hi Ante The website address( http://fileshare.eshop.bg ) I thought it would have shown up on your screen Dave
  7. Hi Ante Sorry I do not follow have I not done something or missed something or broke a rule ? Dave
  8. http://fileshare.eshop.bg Try the above website. I find it really good it has lots of everything on it, all free but there is a reasonable download limit
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