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  1. Yes front to rear fader will solve that problem but be carefull you dont forget and and or let your buddys near it. I have to agree with one of your replys,,I cant see your sterio putting out that much either !!!
  2. These leds that r available at bagoleds are very low brightness and are also colored leneses. Depending what u use them for,,,they ers low quality and dim !!! Perhaps you need them as an indecator only,,then they era fine for that ! But if you are using them to light something you will want to buy higher quality such as the ones with clear lenses and alot higher mcds normally sold at best hong kong on e-bay !!
  3. You can find all the cheap leds you want @ e-bay canada. or on the net !! try searching these first <best hong kong,u bid it now and top bright led store. They sell anywhere fr 20.00 to 40.00 a hundred. There are some low prices at these stores from time to time so search often for the best deal !!
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