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    Thanks Audioguru.. I have found the actual HBTs in use in the VCOs.Si-Ge and InGa HBTs are there.. Those who wish to see can have a look at the following links..They will be helpful.Rather too many companies from Japan and Canada are into the business ! www.semicon.toshiba.co.jp/ eng/prd/pdf_presen/hfreq_VCO_200502_e.pdf - www.eepn.com/Locator/Products/ ArticleID/30886/30886.html Good Luck !
  2. shiks


    Does anybody have any idea what these ICs are?....SY89424V, SY89429V, SY89420V, SY87701L..They are the oscillators but do they incorporate MODFET or other high speed devices? Shiks
  3. What do the virtual diodes and other virtual components in MULTISIM mean? Does it imply that they are non-ideal and hence practical?
  4. shiks


    Thanks Ante & tnk2k This means, a mobile jammer exists.It is portable and can be used as a handset like any other mobile handset. Is there any area which needs to be improved? Any innovation.....?
  5. can one arbitrarily replace a BJT by an HBT or there are certain criteria like frquency etc?
  6. Both MODFET and HBTs are high speed devices..But as far as I know, MODFETs are still faster than HBTs..Then why would anybody like to prefer HBTs over MODFETs? I mean what are the advantages of HBTs?
  7. hi What are the various softwares available for simulation? Can MULTISIM simulate any kind of electronic circuit?
  8. shiks


    So is it sure that no personal phone jammers exist as of now? Anybody........?
  9. shiks


    Thanks Ed.. Jammers must be using too much power then, to operate ! Well do the different types of antenna also have their individual properties? Which one is the best and mostly used? .............
  10. shiks


    hi all, Could anybody please elaborate how a jammer actually works? Does it have a particular bandwidth of operaton or it jams all the frequencies in a particular region? Also, if an antenna is a transmitting device what happens to a signal which is at the limit of the antenna capacity distance? It gets jammed or is unpredictable? shiks.....
  11. hi Can anybody please tell me if the HBTs (Heterojuncton Bipolar Transistors) or any other high speed device can be used in the VCO to enhance its functioning. Thanks
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