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  1. if it is not connect to the resistor (it makes sense to me) i think it's wound on resistor because its core must be carbon. I asked my friends about it and they say it hasn't got value(henry) because you can not buy that value Then I'm gonna buy a resistor (i think its value doesn't change anything maybe important thing is its size, maybe itmust be 1w resistor size) and wound 0.5mm wire on it and try it. But i will do it one week later because i have exams. Thank you very much audiguruyou are very helpfull (And sorry if there is wrong sentences English isn't my primitive language)
  2. Thank you audioguru i think i'm gonna try it with 1ohm 1watt resistor I'm looking pictures to figure out what is placed on place of L1 part ;D. this is a different picture:
  3. I still can't understand :-[ now i'm gonna buy 1w resistor and wire which is 0.5mm and wrap it around the resistor and wire them paralell. is it true? But what is the resistor's value(how many ohms)? and must there be a space between turns?
  4. Hi everyone I'm kinda new at this kind of stuff. Could u please reply my questions? - I can't understand the L1 part. should ibuild itor buy it Iasked a few placec but i couldn't fand How can i make it? - And I couldn't find the part BDW84D but i found BDW84C. Can i Use instead of it. Thanks...
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