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  1. Ok ill give those a shot maybe. Cheers
  2. I havent done much electronics except for making lamps at school etc. But i do do a bit on computers. I have read most of the basic articles but i dont understand most of the big diagrams on the circuts in the projects page. Can someone reccomend a project that i can do on this site or another. I found some i could read but its things like an am transmitter which seems pointless to build as i dont really know what i could do with an am transmitter except use it along with some other things make a pirate radio station. Cheers
  3. Lol phew. Thanks again.
  4. Alright thanks and sorry about posting in the wrong one.
  5. Hey as you can see im new to this site as well as electronics. I have been trying to find some good plans to build electronic things but its usually just crap sites with ads or kits they want you to buy. But this site was the opposite. Anyway i want to learn about electronics and be able to build to build electronics. I was wondering how everyone else learnt cos i cant understand 50% of the plans on this site. Where should i start? Is there some easy beginner plans? Cheers
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