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  1. hi everybody!
        I'am building my final year project(automatic vehicle over speed controller), my
    project is divided in 2 units ,1 in car & the other is transmitter placed on the road.
                the transmitter on the road has to transmit the max speed limit on that particular road. the receiver in the car receive this speed limit information & then monitor the speed of the vechile, if speed exceeds the limit then reduce it.
            but what kind of transmitter on the roadside should i use(it should transmitt information quickly). plz help me in finding the best suited transmitter. ??? ??? ???

    waiting for reply,  thanks

  2. hello everybody
        i started building the following veronica 1W fm transmitter, but i'am not sure about its reliability plz tell me if its correct circuit or not, i've got this circuit from following link.


    also plz help me if anyone could provide some knowledge about this circuit with block diagram.


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