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  1. My wall outlet is NEMA 5-15 / CS22.2 type or type B (american 3 pin). hope this helps!
  2. Hello! do you guys know of any resource sites or design information about this item?
  3. Hello! do you have any ideas on how to know whether your wall plugs are properly earth grounded considering they are already three prong outlets?
  4. Thanks for your reply! I have revised my schematic. Here's the link Are both schematics usable? P.S. I was making this alternative drive circuit because previously I just hooked up the gate to the uC output pin and the MOSFET couldn't drive my load though the datasheet of the MOSFET (MTP10N10EL from ON Semiconductor) said the gate voltage is logic level compatible.
  5. hi peeps! I need you help. Can you help me confirm if my drive circuit is usable? here's the link to my schematic diagram.
  6. Hi peeps! do you guys have any literatures or design manual regarding PCB layouting esp topics concerning EMI protection?
  7. hello friend! Please send me a copy: [email protected] thanks!
  8. hi guys! I just want to ask if it is advisable to build you own car speaker audio amplifier or just purchase a finish product. Can you share me some of the schematic diagrams.
  9. Hello world! I like to ask if any of you guys have ideas for a aquarium pH meter.
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