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  1. Hi everybody, Thanks for the reply and for the tips. I looked on the recomended companies websites and all they sell runs 24V and up. that's for the first mesage. Now to the wiring on the motor.Im just simple carpenter from germany ( living in Chicago yet)able to change the light bulb or switch back a powerbraker. But I try. Ill like to skip the factory switch and use only the two (neg+positiv) wires running directly to the motor brushes (5th. gear or max. speed on the original switch) and put the new unit somewhere between the battery and motor without connecting the factory switch and resis
  2. Hi there, I have small problem I need help with. I'm crazy about fishing and kayaking in the same time(love the quite, hidden spots where the "real" fishermen with the 200HP+ bassboats never show up) and if you ever try to do paddle a kayak and holding the fishing rod in the same time ,then you ll' probably now, what I'm talkin' about.I customized allready the yak - (install the motormount,battery holder(I'm using the Optima spiral cell battery),shorten the minn kota trolling motor (type 35T with 27 lb.trust and cca 30 amp.draw/Hr.,)pole, .... and done all possible things to get the Pamlico 10
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