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  1. Hi ??? I have a broken Sony CCD TRV24E camcorder and would like to use the small flip type screen on it as a pc monitor for my car mp3 player project, but I am not able to find any wiring diagrams online. All the wires connected to the screen are of the same color with only one white wire to each connection. Does anyone know where I can find the wiring diagrams for the above mentioned Sony camcorder. Thanks
  2. Thanks for the advice guys. But what I want to elemenate from the poewrsupply is the bulky transformer. At times one needs to make the circuit as compact as one can. Circuits for transformerless power supplies can be found on the net but the problem with them is that they only give out 15mA current at 12v, so I need a circuit that can solve the current problem. FlipFlop ;D
  3. Hi, I want to know if a transformer less powre supply can be configued to supply enough current to drive a 12V relay. Thanks FlipFlop ???
  4. Then what shold i do? use biggers motors? I remember a circuit i saw on the net sometime back in which the author was recharging battries using a hand wound motor, right now I just cant recall the site i saw it on, but, but im looking for it. Thanks for your help. thanks FlipFlop
  5. Dear MP, is that radio of yours AM or FM? because Im sure that will also make a lot of diffrence on how the 9 v battrey can be charged ;D Thanks FlipFlop ;)
  6. Hi Audioguru, Thanks for your reply. I dont know what u mean by "transistor radio"size, but it is one of those rectangular ones, it is by Sony and on the front it says "9V Ni-MH 270mAh" but on the back it says "For 9V Applications (6F22) P-22H 270mAh 8.4V". I hope I have answred your questions. Thanks FlipFlop ???
  7. Hi Audioguru, Thanks for your reply and help. I know that I can use a power supply or a battery charger to charge the battery, but i want to use the motors instead, I have a regenerative plan in mind so I would just like to know the most efficent way to charge battries using motors. Do I need some sort a regulation circuit or maybe something like a dc to dc converter. Please bare in mind that im not an electronics expert but just an active electronics hobbiest so I will be very greatfull for anyones help and ideas. Thanks FlipFlop
  8. Hi, I want to charge a 9V rechargable battery using two small 9V dc motors which are coupled front to front, one of the motors is being run by a power supply and the other one is generating a supply. I have tried but not much luck yet. Can anyone shed any light on this. I will be greatfull. Thanks FlipFlop
  9. Hey thanks Gsmaster. But that much I also know. What I need to know is that what is that stuff, where can i get it and how to use it. Thanks Anyways FlipFlop
  10. Hi Anyone know why PCB's are green on the trace side. If yes then what is that material and where can one get it. Thanks FlipFlop ???
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