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  1. Absolutely horrible! I suppose I understand liability, but there should of been some warning or some sort of alternative. This websites resources is what made it standout. :'( Thanks for all the good times Ante
  2. I'm doing a project for this plant...a wireless interface. Anyways I'm also adding a low battery state alarm for remote nodes. This will be implemented by using a LTC1440. My problem is that the output states are like 50mV and 5-9V. I need to convert the 50mV into a negative 3-12V for rs-232 and it needs to remain a low power circuit so that the battery state doesn't drain the battery quicker than the modems. Any low power converters that are popular?
  3. I hope this might help http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ohm's_law Looking at the Physics part reminds me of the Emag class I had to take....a chill just ran up my spine ;D
  4. I was wondering if anyone could help me locate an ebook on building tesla coils. Something like a Tesla Coil Cookbook. Thanks in advance.
  5. I have an English version of the HM203-4 operation manual. If it would help you I can send it to you.
  6. If you just think of it as digital logic than you could use a programmable logic device. Like a GAL chip or a FPGA where you don't worry about the gates so to speak but just come up with the logic expression using truth table, K-map, or whatever method you prefer. I think in this case this is not what you want I just thought I would mention it though. I think some FPGA's have a million gates...not sure, but I know the ones we used had tens of thousands of gates. Neat stuff. I also seem to remember being told that NAND gates are cheaper than AND so people would adjust their logic to use NAND gates for production projects to save money. I also figure that whatever logic configuration is the most popular is what will be produced. Sorry just rambling.
  7. Well it's been I don't know how long since I could connect to the site from here, but this morning I can :D Thanx all
  8. I know I was using that as an example as opposed to using a number that could possibly be someones ip. That's why I said for example say my actual... I had thought about putting (I realize this is the local ip set by my router) after it, but I thought it would be assumed. I've set up a network or two before :).
  9. First thanks for the replies. Staigen I'm pretty sure that my IP is dynamic not sure what it is at the moment. I did manage to connect last night through a proxy service, but that's really slow. The only thing that worries me is that maybe an ip block is banned right now for some reason. For example say my actual ip was I believe you can block 192.XXX.XXX so all ip's that start with 192 would be blocked. I hope this is not the case, but maybe it's just a DNS error, and I need to contact either the hosting company or my ISP. I've checked everything I can think of on my side...blocked sites, hosts file, router config, AV programs, and what not. Hopefully it'll get straigtened out.
  10. Yeah I don't care for it much. I'm in my last year of a BSEE program. I'm somewhat educated, but not very experienced. That's why I come here everyday to read the posts. Now I can't unless I drag the laptop to school. ???
  11. I have a problem. For some reason from the house I can't connect to this site. I'm at school at the moment. I've done a tracert and I get through my ISP, but get stopped at defenderhosting.com. I don't believe I've been banned or anything since I've only posted a couple of times. I like this site and enjoy reading the posts so it kind of stinks I can't connect to it from the house. Also this is the only site I can't conncet to. Any help would be appreciated.
  12. This is an older Projection TV that I actually got for free. ;D I fixed it once ( a couple of resistors needed replaced) through luck that's why I got the TV. I was hoping maybe someone had a copy of the service manual so I would have a better chance of keeping this thing running for awhile. Thanks in advance.
  13. It's a rar file which is a compressed folder so I would normally use WinRar to extract the file/files within which is probably in pdf format.
  14. Thank you both...I didn't have any ;)
  15. Many thanx...greatly appreciated :)
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