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  1. Hi! I'm am Protel 2004 newbies. May I know how do I find 1N5822 and EE-Sx1070 (Omron slotted opto sensor) footprint and schematic diagram? Thanks for your kind help. :)
  2. Can I solder L298n IC directly (without IC socket) into my PCB? Will this damage my L298n IC? Thanks. :)
  3. I am a Protel newbies and plan to draw a PCB with Protel but could not find EE-SX1070 schematic symbol and footprint from the Protel library. Can anyone tell me how do do I get this schematic symbol and footprint? Thanks. :)
  4. Hi, I just bought a L298n a bipolar stepper motor I which is 15 pins IC. May I know how do I find its IC socket because I can't find this IC socket and just modify a 18 pin IC socket. It is not so good because it is easy short circuit if modify with this way. May I know has anyone has an idea or has seen this socket before? Can you please tell me? Thanks. ;)
  5. I just get a stepper motor from my old printer and plan to use it but I do not know its connection. Does anyone has its data sheet? I guess it is a bipolar stepper motor because it has only 4 wires. My stepper motor information is as below:- QH4-4387 SMJ40-4878-A 24.12V 7.5ohm FDK
  6. Can I use 2 phase H bridge driver (M3479-P) to drive an 4 phase bipolar stepper motor (M42SP-7)? It is because I cannot find a 4 phase H bridge drive. Do you have any idea? Thanks. :)
  7. Can please help me to check whether I can use MC3479-P H bridge IC to drive my bipolar stepper motor which is M42SP-7? Because I really do not have an idea. Thanks you first for your kind help. :)
  8. Thanks audioguru for your info. Besides this what should do I need to check for the Bipolar Stepper motor H bridge IC before I buy? Can you please give an idea and recommend some Bipolar stepper motor H bridge IC to me? Thanks. :)
  9. I just brought a stepper motor H bridge IC and plan to use use it for my 12V bipolar stepper motor. May I know is this IC can use for my 12V bipolar stepper motor? How to check from the data sheet? If it is not. What kind of H bridge IC is suitable for me because I need and IC to control the motor speed and direction? Thanks. :)
  10. Thanks, I have read the article called Pulse Width Modulation written by By Michael Adler and Tim Surtell at http://www.eleinmec.com/article.asp?28. May I know the mean of "The motor will work perfectly well, provided that the frequency of the pulsed signal is set correctly, a suitable frequency being 30Hz."? How do I set the frequecy to be 30Hz and how do I know my frequency is at 30Hz after setting? Thanks for your kind help. :D
  11. Recently I have read a Simple DC motor PWN speed control circuit from http://www.electronics-lab.com/projects/motor_light/038/index.html. Inside the article and below the word of important, there have mention that "the drain (or collector) current must be equal to maximum motor current (at power supply voltage, when it is blocked)". May I know what is mean by maximum motor current? Can I check it from the data sheet (Which part of a data sheet, can you please guide me?) or measure from the 12V DC motor. Thanks for your kind help :D
  12. I'm a conveyor belt newbies. I plan to construct a 60cm conveyor belt which would use to transfer a a glass of water. May I know what material do I need to use and how do I construct this conveyor belt? Can I construct this with my recycle printer? Because I really interested to build a conveyor belt but I do not have much budget. Thank you first for your kind help. :)
  13. Hi! Expert and non expert are welcome to give your idea on this because I really do not have an idea on the conveyor belt. Thanks. :D
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