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  1. @audioguru, thanks for the friendly welcome. You must have looked only at the schematic and this is not mine.... it's from Kade. He made the advanced version with a total different pinout and new code. In the PCB's above, I have taken your advise. sorry for confusion ;D I would like to know if my routing and the general layout is ok, because I mixed three into one. Normally I took a ready made layout etch it, order the necessary parts, solder it and hope that everything goes well ::) I really have no clue of all the different parts/values and stuff :-[ Thanks nase
  2. Hi @ll, can someone please check my modyfied layout for the advanced Mood Lamp with 6DIP switches made by Kade (see org. site). It's the first time that I've made a layout and I'm not really familiar with electronics ;D Etching is not the problem... There are two versions... with 7805 (55x42mm) and without (52x42mm). Any help would be greatly appreciated nase Edit: Schematics removed
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