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  1. Thank you everyone so much....thats shud give me a good start. will keep u guys posted :) thank you again
  2. Thank you hotwaterwizard... that should give me a start..
  3. Hello everyone...i was actually supposed to be doing another project..but it didnt go as planned. so now im doing A stand alone sine wave generator using Atmel chip It requires to run at frequency of at least 25kHz, but the harmonic distortion is not critical and may be as high as 3%. Preliminary Specifications (i) The device will operate from a dual supply of nominally 12V, onboard power regulation will be used where required. (ii) The microcontroller used will be the Atmel AT90S2313 employing a 4MHz resonator as the clock source. (iii) The output voltage required is 0dBm into 600 Ohms the output impedance is of course 600 Ohms. (iv) Some means of adjusting the frequency will be provided. (v) PCB size will not exceed 80mm by 50mm. So if anyone has any ideas..please let me know..me only a beginne :Dr...so any websites to learn would be great as well..thanx a lot. thanx to everyone...
  4. Hello, I am doing a project for my university. It is about multi power outlet with timing interval between each power outlet which uses micros processor and some more features. I don't know much..im still researching about the project. I was just wondering if i have say 8 power outlets, can i have reset switches for each of the 8 outlets? (Assuming all running at 230V for example dvd, amplifier, plasma and so on) Reason for reset switches: so that when one of the power outlet is reset, the AC power in the other equipment connected has still power running without interruption. does it make any sense :) If anyone would like a bit more details specifications i have attached a copy of it in microsoft word document. or any particular web sites or books i can look into for more info.. thanx a lot.
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