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  1. Is it possible to connect the pins from mini SD memory card to USB ? If yes , what pin with what pin do I need to connect . Thanks !
  2. Here is a picture with it : Please help me determinate where the SCK- and SDIO-pins are . SCK Serial port clock (Input) SDIO Serial data (input and output) ???
  3. Hello to all , I can't find datasheet for ATL A2188 , I need to find out the pins that act as the sensors . A2188 is a chip used in optical mouses . Thanks in advanced !
  4. Thanks zak4000 . Can you tell me the values of this scheme?
  5. Hi, Can some one help me with a cascode amplifier scheme...? I am interesting in how it works too... Thanks !
  6. Thank you mate for trying to help me :D I have manage to make a vibrating system on my wheel...very rudimentary but it works:D...I have taken a cellular phone vibrator ,put the electric motor in my wheel,then I'v connected a variable resistor on my brake pedal...conected the resistor with my motor...then the power suplie:I"v made it from a 6 V transformator with a diode bridge. So now whene I brake with force the wheel vibrates:D Simple as that... As for the Gamepad 2 USB thing it's complicated...the gamepad uses analogical signals and the USB digital ones.So you can't make the conversion without a circuit board . My wheel is a logic3 JT226 model. Here is a photo:
  7. Another thing...does anybody know how to convert a gameport cable to an USB one?I don't want to buy one....I want to make it myself.
  8. Thank you ninja90177...I will take a look on the forum, hope I will find what I need... If you have more usefull links please post them. ;D
  9. Hi, I have a computer sterring wheel with no vibrator or force feedback. I was wondering if it's possible to make one,in concept should be very simple to do it...the circuit that get's electric impulses from the pc whene the car is shacked and an electric motor that vibrates inside of the sterring wheel. Does anybody know how to do it?
  10. Hi, From what I'v know you can't. I simply put a resistor/capacitor,change the value and simulate again.
  11. Hi, Until now I'v worked in Orcad only with analog circuits but now I have to make some digital ones.The only problem is that I don't have a clue on what are the names for digital parts like : cuarts,integrated circuits(TDA),logical gates,digital ground...almost everything as you can see. :o So if anyone knows please share..THX ;D
  12. Thx ...a lot of interesting programs there... :D
  13. Hi SM2GXN! The link is not working...I am using Opera. :'(
  14. Thx you audioguru...you really know a lot and you are very helpfull. Now I understand ... PS:The program you use to simulate circuits it's free ware?If yes ,can you send it to me?
  15. Okay...now from what I'v understand the amplifiers with high imputy resistance , the value of this resistance depends very much on the bias resistance Rb.But stability requires that Rb cannot be very high , therefore it is necessary to use the bootstrap circuit so that high value of input resistance can be obtain with
  16. Yea,I want to find out ,please tell me how does it work?and if you have a scheme I would apreciate very much.. ;)
  17. Hi to all, My name is Alex,I'm Romanian and I am a student in third year on electronics(RTV).I have to make a project about Bootstrap circuit ,but since I haven't used it I don't know anything about it.I will sure learn about it on school but later on.So can you give me a general perspective on Bootstrap circuit?What does it do,on what it is used?Olso can you give me an electronic scheme? Thx you..>!!
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