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  1. So should I connect the output of the ULQ2003 to the base and the emitter to ground and the collector to the motor coil? or is there a better method? Would I need a pull-up resistor in this case?
  2. You dont have to drill through the firewall, but bot 200w RMS you should use 4 gage power wire, you cacn run it in the joint where the hood, door, windshield meet. There is almost always enough room to run it through there. Otherwise drilling a hold in your firewall is the next best. DO NOT BY ANY MEANS USE A CIGARETTE LIGHTER, OR ANY WIRE LESS THAN 8 GAGE. POTENTIAL FIRE HAZARD!!
  3. Hello, I am building a motor driver circuit and the ULQ2003A works great for me. That is until I changed the motor out, now my motor is drawing 2 amps rather that 350mA. My question is, is there a substitute for the ULQ2003A Darlington Transistor Array that can handle 2- 4 amps at 5vdc. I seemed to have melted the last 2, as well as ruined one of my test boards. Thanks in advance. -Russ
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