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  1. Hi All I am pretty green so please bear with me. I am doing a project/experiment/goofing around with solar-powered sound making. I have been able to power a small store-bought 5V buzzer with some photovoltaic cells and I am very happy about that. What I want though is a whole bunch of small sound making "things" and there are only so many different kinds of pre-existing buzzers out there. The idea is for these things to be scattered about a room so that as the sun moves during the day, the room “sounds” different, depending on which things are getting sunlight. I'm wondering if buzzers are easy to make, then I could make my own with different properties that would sound different. I'm also wondering what other things make a noise when a weak electric current runs through it. The more pleasant the noise the better but if all I can do is make an annoying buzz, that'll have to do. Thanks, sarah
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