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  1. in recent post U had said that capacitances,i dont remember exactly but it was calculated as i said not counting other values ;) i said that for others to know,at lowest frequiency windings were tight,anyway o dont care about that transmiiter anymore becoz i sold it :) and buy ..em... U know and Im think i had learned enough from that transmitter. o btw does chip voltage stabilizator consumes any power itself?(i'm not about voltage drop trough it)
  2. yeap that wasp circuit gived about 20m range for me too,and it consumed wery little.. in fact the only thing i was happy about that circuit is frequiency stability,the voice sensitive was wery bad,it really would be suitable only for hand-held microphone... 20m in the same room(not tru walls)unsensitive mic so u wont get oscillation with U radio... hey it's not a bug...o and btw when i count tank circuit to work at about 100mhz and calculating tank circuit only with tank circuit capacitor/tuned capacitor values i found my wasp work at about 60Mhz... yes my post is about that yellow circuit given somewhere around in this topic bla bla try too kill Uself
  3. ar Usure it's output power is only about 200mW,bcoz if Q3 capacitor tuned well with coil,when load resistance in Rf for Q3 should be only about 60Oms,and if suplly is really 9V when it should be even about 1W, oh.. but i just thinked that collector resistor doe's not let to saturete for Q3, yeap.. probably...
  4. so Y'ur transmitter voice gain is about 16times,am i right,and i would like to increase it to about ~100times, so i'll need to use base resistor(between base and collector) about 1M,yes?
  5. hi again.. so i'm in need to make such transmitter(and i will design it on smd ;) ) but i want to ask how sensitive is that transmitter for voice?huh? bcoz i need to put it in domestic AC socket(TŪŪ HIDE) and hear whisper in another end of big room, btw i don't get eg. if my transistor Hfe is eg. 200 and i'm using eg. 10k collector resistor(for simple voltage amp) when what will be difference if i'll use 400Hfe tran. with 5k collector resistor? i thik voltage gain would be the same,and also i want to ask if transistor's collector cutoff current is 50nA,when why almost everyone design bias current for 1mA, i think 10uA would be greatly enough. ok maybe i talked not about transmiiter,but i will probably need this in this transmitter, and what do U think about darlington transistor for audio pre amp? i think when transmitter would be superb sensitive. huh?
  6. so hi... ok i need to put small bug into domestic electric socket(220V) and if i put a bug into that socket,i will have no space to put any antenna,so i think maybe i can connect my antenna to..em... phase or "hot" wire through small capacitor,so that it resistance would be 50oms for about 90MHz, but i'm worry that too long AC wire would start too work like a ground... :( or that it somehow would be possibe to hear my signal woth FM radios,that are feed with same AC line... btw i also need too put one transmitter to my car and i think maybe I could use my car antenna also for transmmiting signal,not only receiving, but if that transmitter is e.g 0,5W and working at 80MHz,the signal would be too strong for my radio and my radio even tuned for 90MHz could hear my transmitting signal... eeee??
  7. http://www.electronics-lab.com try to search there
  8. so.. Summer is comming and i will spend about month in my grandfather village(u can call it farm) so and I with my cousin had been buit something like tree house but just not in tree,near small lake,and sometimes we go there to make camp fire,drink some Vodka or beer ... ok ... so there are no 220V or 110V line,and i want to put litl wind turbine on that 'house" and connect to my bike dynamo, which would work like generator(6V, 3W, so it's 0,5A)so i know that i should take about 15W of wind power,which is about 4-10m/s typical,i would let dynamo this to charge lead acid battery ant day and when we could listen music wia few W amp and have light from LED's of fluorescense lamp :) but i do not know how to calculate size of wind turbine... :( if u can,please help me btw - thanks for GOD that we need no electricity to drink vodka or beer :) :) :)
  9. take U multimeter,set it to measure current,and then touch multimeter contacts to transformer output ;) P.S---DO NOT DO WHAT I SAID
  10. i know that 170cm is about 1/2 of wave lenght and it's enough to make 1/4 wl.but as i say it's still too long/big for few cents coin size bug..., ok nomatter i just turn almost all antenna to coil and left outside only about 10cm. thanks
  11. what do u want to see? 75% of 1m wire turned into air-core coil?, it's my bug sch http://www.talkingelectronics.com/FreeProjects/FM-Bugs/Wasp/Wasp-P1.html,i chandeg the board into smd.....
  12. :) i think its not big matter where to put antenna(pcb,žšč,ūkė ant that...) ☺ but what about energy losses?shorter transmitting distance?(and please do not philosophize about receivers(walkman radio and . )
  13. so i planning to build small SMD FM bug,and probbably biggest problem is the antenna size,1m wire is too long,so i was thinking:if i would make little coil from part of my antenna wire?m? just like in that cheap radio control car models ???
  14. hm.... but if would increase base voltage for transistors(change 2.2Om resistors to higher resistance) and choose higer Hfe transistors, + connecting not 4 but 8transistors(T1 with same transistor,T2 with his twin.. and so), so they should not make extreme noise by that 120w... hm?
  15. offcourse russian invented it, but every time they do not patent it.. and some european sow this and made his own patent... p.s. i'm not russian
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