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  1. Greetings all! I have a few questions, and although i can handle a sodiering iron i am by no means an expert at eletronics, but i know enough to know which end of the sodiering iron not to touch when hot! I am currently working on a project for a car. I want to read the tach/speedometer/volt/temp/oil pressure then send this information to a PC to be displayed on a graphical screen. Writing the code isn't the problem, i have C++ knowledge enough to write it. What i need is a way to convert the signals from the engine to the PC. The Transmission has a place on it for a digital signal to be sent, and the tach just uses a pulse signal, the temp i have already figured out how to do and the volt. The Oil pressure and Speedometer are the ones i am having trouble figuring out how to read. Does anyone have an ideas on what i can use/build/buy for this?? Once i get all the signals set up i'll use an interface into the Parralle port to update the PC or if i can make it wireless which would be a better idea but first things first, the signals for the speedo and oil pressure. Thanks, Eliminator
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