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  1. I have a device I would like to be IR-remote controlled. To turn on and off. Now it`s being cotrolled by a singel 1 poled switch. Is it posbile that I can replace the switch with a ir part and a remote controll ? If so, where can I find such a thing ?
  2. audioguru... I think you misunderstood me. Want it to work like a a tuner on a vhsplayer. well I think I just use one. I want to do this because i don`t have to use s-video and audio cables that is 20 meters long. When I have a box of antenna cable.
  3. HI, I am woundering if there could be build a device to convert s-video and audio signals into VHF signals. If someone have an ide how something like what would be built. Pleas speak out :)
  4. Yes, Its kind like a law emergency button, Getting pulled over by the long arm of the law I have to pay 400 $ if it goes faster then 45 km/h >:(.
  5. Hi, I would like to build my self a speed limiter/rev limter. For my scooter (Peugeot Speedfight). One like these . So I can push a button or remote controll when I like to. And it goes just in X rpm speed. Do someone have any idea how this can be done ? or perhaps a link or something. :)
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