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  1. You mean that I must connect the bridge to the L298, am trying to read the datasheet but cant understand where I must connect this bridge?? and if I will use a battery with 7Amp how I can make that each circuit will take only 2Amp?? In other words; How I can be sure that total current to the circuit from battery equal 2Amp?? Please, reply me. I need solution
  2. Thank you MP, I think the problem was occured since the tempreture of L298 increased, but please can you give me suggestion of how I can know that l298 become destroyed??
  3. The pin was 8, and it was open ???
  4. Look, when I took a look at the circuit I found that a pin for L298 didnt conect in an appropriate way, Is this may be the reason why it get heat then burned?? ???
  5. Hello MP, I have a big problem and I dont know what is the solution for it. Look, am building three circuits for three motors using the L297 & L298, and am using a battery of 12V & 7AH, two of the motors are running but the third motor didnt work and the L298 burn. Please give me the reasons why L298 burn. Best Regards.
  6. hi again :) i have one more question which i hope you have an answer for its about setting a delay for stepper motor in the PIC18F4550 ??? in other way... what is the maximum frequency could the circuit handle???
  7. Hi MP Please, can you give me a hint of how I can use the battery of 7Ah and 12V with three motors and a PIC18f4550, each motor need 2.5A ???
  8. Hi If J3-7 remains open what will happen??
  9. Hello What is the meaning of winding current?? and if I put J3-7 to GND what will happen?? please reply
  10. Hello MP Thank you ::) But I have suggestions as follows: Pins 1, 10 will be grounded Pin 2 will run the motor Pin 3 will make the motor CW or CCW Pin 4 will be at 5V Pin 5 will be open Pin 6 >> in this pin I will give the motor reduced current to ensure that the motor will become run, I will create something as "Idle state" for the motor Pin 7 will be at 5V Pin 8 will be open Pin 9 will be open Can you give me your opinion, please?? 8)
  11. Are you mean that I cant make these transfomers???
  12. Hello everybody ;D I must get a magjack to use it between the ethernet controller and the computer but I have a bad chance since I cant get this magjack so I will design it by using pulse transformer as shown in the bellow diagram, Can anyone give me the way to design this transformer from the initial step to the last one, I mean what the materials I must used and the number of turns ..... etc Beat Regards,
  13. Thank you very much MP ;D Please, I want to use the circuit in the previous link, can you give me your notices on it and if it really will work properly :-\ And can you give me the sequence that I must write it to the (J3-2 ..... J3-9) to get the motor work :-[ am very sorry since I asking all these question but I have a project and I must finish it quickly :-[
  14. Hi again MP, please, can you explain for me what did they mean by the J3 Connections in the following link: http://home.att.net/~wzmicro/l298.html please, if you can give me description about them and what is the value must entered to them until the motor will run :-\
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