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  1. I have old transformer with a secondary winding rated at 24 V / 1.2 A, or you can say 20VA.

    Can I use this one with this project with no changes in parts values?


    I can also buy from my friend transformer 2x12 V that can handle 8,33A...
    Maybe i should put this one. I think this one will heat less and buzz less than smaller one??

    What do you think?

  2. Yeah i think that was my mistake!!! I thinh that was burned not capacitor... but i don't know what type should i put????
    Look at attached picture on one of my before posts i wrote sybmols I can read, ones I can't read are ?
    So maybe that was the problem! Yeah it was thicker than regular capacitor.... It was green.... and it was on AC part of schematic....

    Thanks! Bye! ;D


  3. Hey audioguru,

    No i can't see such a jumper wire, but on my PSU there is big sign (only for 230V) so I that isn't the problem. It might be that fuse blowed with my fault, PSU stopped working so I opend it and accidentaly short circuit it when I was testing it. So that you don't be on wrong trace. There is no power on any pinout, it seems it is not getting to the end... Error is somewhere in the middle! ???


  4. Hi Ante and audioguru ;D

    Ok I will try that bulb experiment so we will se what happens. Where should i look for the switch for changing input voltage (230,115)?

    On pin9 5V_SB there should be always 5V no matter is PS_ON activated (of course if AC is pluged) and i measure it but it is NULL.

    I replaced fuse and as i can see rectifier bridge is working fine... i don't know how to test it more further....

    Thanks :D


  5. Hey Ante hello again,
    Yes capacitor is broken! Its resistance is 36ohm and it should be much more. I can also see it has mechanical damages! I want to replace it but i can't see the capacity because it has small "like a hole" damages! When I find out what capacity it is and buy new 5A fuse i am going to try it on!


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