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  1. Hi Ante, There will be many questions and answers here before i fix my PSU! Yes that is ceramic capacitor like one on the picture but in green color and unknown type (capacity) and i am trying to find that up! Fuse did explode and i also think short cicuit was in that capacitor! I don't know! Greatz is (i didn't know how to say on english) made of 4 diodes turning AC to DC.... you know....( ~ -> - ) :D I really want to fix it! Should i put any capacitor and try it on?? 8) bYe ;D Vedran from Croatia
  2. Hey! You see my fuse is all burned out ;D I have to replace that green capacitor first but i don't know what capacity is it? I wrote some letters and numbers i can see! Please help me to recognize, or suggest me what capacitor should i put instead! It is connected between fuse and greatz! Thank you very much!! ;D ;D
  3. Hey guys, Sorry I was speaking Croatian... I just found shematic for ATX power supply and going to repair it. There is also pinout for ATX so now I know all that i was interested in. I also find some interesting links on internet about how to make your ATX PS handles more current! Thanks all of you! Bye! ;D p.s. I attached shematics in case somebody else was interested or has old atx PS at home! atx.pdf
  4. Thanks for link! Hvala za link, sada sam na faksu ali kada budem imao više vremena kod kuće prućit ću to malo detaljnije... Gdje bi konkretno trebalo spojiti potenciometar? na sam izlaz? kako se uopće pali ATX napajanje, gdje je kontakt koji treba prebrikat da se upali! Puno ti hvala! Thank you very much! Bye ;D
  5. Here i think it will be usefull to somebody.... ;D
  6. Hello! :D I have one old ATX power supply from my old PC, it is 230W and it is broken! I will to fix it so I am wondering can i somehow add some kind of voltage regulator and regulate voltage ( for instance 1-12V)? Anyone has shematics of ATX power supply? Thanks! ;D Vedran 8)
  7. Hey folks did anyone bult 4W FM Transmitter from Projects section? Thanks
  8. I found this very interesting site: http://www.pcs-electronics.com/en/
  9. steven have you got shematics for "big ear"?
  10. What is the range of this transmitter?
  11. i think transciver is right english word for what I need?! 8)
  12. Yeah you are maybe right, but it is a pitty that i maybe have part somewhere on old VCR or something, and going in shop to buy it, I was thinking about that few times. Bye :D
  13. Thanks Keile, but i already have one similar to that one... I would like something of higher range so i can communicate with my friend who is 3km air distance far from my home. If you can find something like that it would be cool! Thanks! ;D
  14. Hello! What program do you recomend for database of parts i have on my shelf! I want that I can search the database and find out do I have that part at home or I will have to search it elsewhere! It would be cool to be simple but that does the work! Thanks! :D
  15. ... i would also want to know about mobile radio stations like long distance walkie-talkies (for about 3km or something like that). Thanks! ;D
  16. Hello! I want to know as much as possible about amateur radios, packet radio, antennas and more (tutorials, shematics, articles).... What is needed to start with radio communications (except license i know how to get that)? It wold be great that most Electronics-Lab members in Europe has radios so they can contact that way :o :D Thanks in advance for your answers! Bye ;D Vedran
  17. Ofcourse hardware is very important. Is there a way to build your own hobby oscilloscope cheap like one with LEDs i mentioned? Vedran ;D
  18. I think somebody has good imagination so he came to idea building mosquitoes repeler based on sounds... Bye :D
  19. ??? ::) Mosquitoes as i learned in school just sense what we breath out (CO2) and they cant be disturbed by any sound no matter how many db is sound you are playing to them ;D ;D ;D I watched that on some documentary film also.... if I am wrong ok.... ;) Vedran
  20. Hey! i once saw shematics for oscilloscope which has many led diodes used like display it was sooo cool and i can't find that shematics anywhere now! Does somebody maybe have it?? I think PC oscilloscope is too senstive and if you are afraid for your motherboard not recomended for serious use! That is just my opinion... Vedran :D
  21. MP do you have you maybe got one? ??? You just send it and will pay for post expenses, it doesn't matter I am far! :D ;D ;)
  22. Hey ;D Does somebody maybe have a LCD that he don't need anymore (used) just that works so i can import it in my project (It can be 16x1 or 16x2 or something) because i can't find it in local store!!! Thanks!!! ;)
  23. https://www.jameco.com/cgi-bin/ncommerce3/ExecMacro/Jameco/catalog.d2w/report?cgrfnbr=504&ctgys=504; this link will take you on only site i found so far... if i find more i will post it!! It would be great if we could get Conrad catalogue for free 8) ;D ;D
  24. I would like to know wich sites provide free electronics catalogue and send them on home adress, in Europe. (maybe Conrad... etc.) Post links here please so we will have it all in one place ;D ;D Bye 8)
  25. I also see now it is C637C type, and found some pinouts at http://isitcrunchy.com/led.txt http://isitcrunchy.com/table.txt if you find some projects similar to one i am going to do... tell me please ;D :D ;) :)
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