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  1. I thought that 0.05V drop in the original diff-amp was negligible, but it's not when it is amplified with a gain of 22.
    ~43.5mV, 23 gain
    The LM34 has an NPN emitter-follower with resistors-to-ground output.
    Reference please
    Its increase in quiescent current of only 15uA at 75 degrees F occurs only in its emitter resistors, which will have 0.75V across them, and therefore calculate to total 50K ohms
    Reference please
    Therefore it is not capable of sinking any current from a load that has a positive voltage source like our diff amp that sources 25uA.
    Capable of doing so down to 5

  2. How are you getting bidirectional from this snippet of schematic? I do not see that. I see input and output clearly stated. Author states he is trying to light LEDs with the switch.


    The 4053 is an analog bidirectional switch.
    Looking at the pinning of the 157 it is easy to make the assumption that it is too. The OP saying that he was trying to switch between 2 leds lead me to the possibility that he had made the same.
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