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  1. Feed the 555 output into a CD4026B. That will give you a 16 stage counter with 7segment output. Use the chip's 'carry out' to cascade further 4026 ICs if you require more than one 7segment display.
  2. According to the manual, there is a control marked 'SWP.VAR' (marked 30 in the diagram that shows layout of controls) that allows the sweep to be made variable. Have you set it correctly?.
  3. Behind each of the four fans you could put a thermistor and wire them all in series. Feed them through a current limiting resistor from a voltage source. Power will be dissipated in them and they would normally get warm, but the fans will keep them cool. Monitor the voltage across the thermisters. Failure of one or more fans will result in a change in that voltage.
  4. Anyone wanting to build a variable power supply, without all the problems of series regulation, would do well to take this Switch Mode route. http://www.instructables.com/id/Build-your-own-Variable-Lab-Bench-Power-Supply/
  5. Like I asked, at which.......................?
  6. At which of the three academies of excellence you attended did you learn this nebulous waffle?
  7. Are you saying that the driver should be prevented from adjusting his seat when driving? Simple, - shackle the adjustment bar with a padlock! But surely, this question does not belong on an electronics forum?
  8. I cannot understand why you would want to 'lock' a car seat. Is that to prevent someone sitting in it, or prevent someone stealing it?
  9. ????????? Could you explain more, please?
  10. QUOTE "i'm asking as i've been working on a design that to my understanding should've worked. i have a generic NPN restoring the supply voltage and feeding it's emitter output to a 2N2222 parallel to a charging capacitor for a delayed avalanche. somehow the avalanching only works when i swap the 2N2222 + charging capacitor sub-circuit to the collector side. it surprised me as when it was connected to emitter, it was also directly connected to ground. and when it was on the the collector side it was directly connected to the supply. so it was not isolated and would be biased to a common ground. although, as a side note, when it was on the emitter side, the charging capacitor might have caused a reverse current through the generic NPN and leaking to other parts of the circuit. so i probably should've put a diode in there. well i didn't get the chance to as i blew my 2N2222, so now i have to go to my local supplier to have more. charging". Are you suggesting that a circuit would not be better understood this convoluted description? (Note to Admin. Although I can get into the editing section, there is no way I can edit or cancel my post, so I am restating it. Also, you have no 'preview' button).
  11. Some sound on the video stating the problem would have helped.
  12. If you are using the transistor as a switch, it makes no difference provided you can apply enough base bias to get the transistor into its saturated state.
  13. How about providing a circuit. One picture is worth a thousand words!
  14. pebe

    question about PIR

    It may be one of these. http://www.bitsbox.co.uk/data/es0550.pdf
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